Rihanna…What Are You Thinking?

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now, I am not one who will randomly go off and criticize someone, but…. for those of you who have been Rihanna fan’s all you’re life, do you agree that she needs to start thinking a bit more? It seems that every one of her songs since the Chris Brown incident is about abuse…. Love the Way You Lie (a song I love)…. and now S&M, the song has a catchy tune, but to her young fans, this certainly isn’t acceptable “stick and stones will break my bones” after those words I thought, “Oh, this song is teaching kids not to worry about people’s opinions” but then she sings “But chains and whips excite me”… Now I love rap, and I know their songs are controversial, but at least they rap about their life when they do it….

Whatever it is, I want to know if anyone here has seen the video on youtube for S&M, you have to certify that you’re 18+ to watch it, and lets just say…. It is just heinous that she would put out something of that caliber.

Sorry Rihanna, not digging this one.


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