The ACC is not Weak, UNC is not Weak!

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Two years ago North Carolina won the National Championship in Detroit, and last year, the Duke Blue Devils won the title in Indianapolis.  Okay… so you want to say the ACC is weak?  The ACC is weak?  Boy, what are you talking about the ACC is weak… now that is just wrong.  Oh wait… You’re talking about the ACC this year….  Ah, now that changes this whole article, because the Atlantic Coastal Conference is not weak at all this year either!  Nor are the Tar Heels!

We all have to grown to expect too much consistency out of these schools and conferences that the moment the Big Ten emerges victorious in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, the assumption is made that the ACC is weak. There is two reasons for both subjects in this title, let’s start with the conference itself.

1. The records of each team. You tell me that a conference that’s top seven teams all are RPI top 75, and above .500 is weak? Just because a conference has a few questionable teams does not mean that conference is not a giant!  I can not say this enough, watch a conference game in this conference,  these teams beat each other up, not so much as the Big East, but they do!  We all know that seniors leave, and injuries suck, but come on…. Seriously.  This is a REBUILDING year for the conference and yet they still have seven above .500 teams!

2. Duke and North Carolina are in this conference still, right? This is just like all the other years for the ACC, whereas Duke and the Tar Heels run the table, with competition from really two other schools, that’s just how it is this year is it not?  Duke and Carolina are the top two conference teams, both facing troubles from Florida State and Maryland.

North Carolina isn’t weak…. anymore.

1. They are young, young teams take time to mesh together. Amongst many, I was sure that UNC was going to have a terrible season, and they started off pretty poorly, withfour quick losses, but I didn’t look into their roster enough.  They only have three seniors, none of which play that much… A team with many freshman and sophmores often starts slow, the Tarheels have picked up the pace now though,  winning four in a row!  You loose four starters after a championship, good luck in the next two seasons…

2. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Roy Williams still coaching? Remember, don’t be so quick to jump on a team, like I was!  Patience is key as a fan, especially when you’re team’s coach is as special as Roy Williams is at Chapel Hill.  This man has woven toge-ther multiple conference, and National Championship teams, so it doesn’t need to be said that he may be able to do the same this year!

The Big East is defiantly the Zeus of the conferences, albeit the ACC is also amongst the Big Three!


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