Four Things about Sports 2/4

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Sports
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Four things is about sports is obviously recapping four events that happened in the sports world the night before, here is my second installment.

  1. First off, I’d like to admit I was wrong. Yesterday in a post, I predicted that Notre Dame would be upset last night by unranked Depaul.  The game was close for the first fifteen minutes, even though Depaul was missing shots…. and Depaul looked great on the boards.  What hurt them was that they couldn’t hit the close ones inside, or the deep ones outside.  The route was on, and the Fighting Irish won by 25, behind Hansbrough’s 24 points, shooting five of eight from downtown…. Tyler never did that… I think, who knows, his older brother was pretty good.
  2. MyDyess rolls the dice. In what is probably the most interesting segment featured in this post, the Lakers just about beat the Spurs last night, even though Kobe only put up 16 points.  Albeit, just about beating is not registering a W in the win column… There they stood, the Spurs had the ball with two seconds left, Tim Duncan holds the ball, only he would not be the hero…. Duncan threw up a shot, the Spalding Ball rolled off the front rim towards McDyess who then tipped it in.  Game over. Spurs win 89-88.
  3. Goalies seldom in three stars of the game.* Yesterday, we spoke of Franzen getting five goals in one game, and last night, the Bruins beat Dallas 6-3, I guess NHL Goalie’s are gonna be appearing on some milk cartons… HAVE YOU SEEN ANY GOALIES? 18 stars of the game were chose last night, and only one of those players was a goalie… the goalie who was chosen gave up three goals! Shut out? More like shut eyes.
  4. Justin Bieber Not Being Boo’ed. Many of you may have seen the video of Justin Bieber being announced slightly before the Knicks vs. Dallas game began,and was boo’ed.  Reportedly this was the ONE TIME he’s been boo’ed, so now we know what that song is about.  Hey, it was at the Garden, hence, it should count as being boo’ed twice.  In all seriousness though, they teen star appeared on Regis and Kelly last night, where he was cheered for on arrival.  Guess Knick’s fans don’t get out much, I wouldn’t either if my team had not been to the Finals in that many years…

That’ll do it for today’s installment!  Feel free to comment, I honor all opinions!

*If anyone has seen anyone who looks like Jason, we encourage you to comment immediately, we believe there has been a lockout in the NHL again consisting only of goalies.


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