Four Things About Sports 2/5

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Sports
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My viewers now know, I have done this every day since I have started, where I recap four major things that happened in the sports world I want to inform people about in the previous 24 hours…. This is the third issue of the post.

  1. Goalies have officially lost it! I’ve preached this in almost every article pertaining to the NHL, and I will again…. Marty Turco gave up four goals last night, in what should’ve been a win for the Hawks, and almost every game had over six goals scored last night…. I am happy that the puck is in the net more!  Secondly, I don’t believe I said anything about two nights ago when the goalies fought!  There was sixteen seconds left in the Penguins route of the Islanders when a brawl broke out in the corner, the Penguins goalie skated down the ice and popped DiPietro in the face, causing a fracture, that leaves him out for 4-6 weeks! Crazy!
  2. Dallas upsets the Celtics. In a game at Boston, the Mavericks outscore the Celtics 101-97, after being tied at the start of the fourth quarter.  Nowitzki dropped 29 points, as the Celtics lose in a shocker.  Speaking of the Celtics, four players were selected towards the all star team… The Bulls got left out, only sending Derek Rose… Wow.
  3. Sharing is caring, ask Jose Calderon. In a 111 point effort the Raptors beat Minnesota in Toronto last night… no big deal right?  The team had 35 assists!  Which is strikingly high for an NBA team, especially one of the Raptors caliber.  Assists were the climax of the game, not in team sense, but in the sense the Jose Calderon pored in 19 assists!  Those numbers are absolutely mind boggling!
  4. What to watch for tonight? Illinois visits in state rival Northwestern at one o’clock eastern time today, in what should be a great game. Northwestern wins this one.  Cincinnati vists the Panthers tonight in a game that I am expecting an upset in!  College basketball features plenty of great games tonight!

That’ll do it for today’s installment, tune in tomorrow for you’re daily dose of sports!


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