Preview: Duke versus North Carolina

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Sports
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“He’s a diaper dandy baby!” Is exactly what you can expect to hear, along with a ruckus Cameron Indoor crowd, if you tune in to ESPN at Nine O’clock eastern time tomorrow night, as the defending champion Duke, faces long time rival North Carolina.  NOTE:  North Carolina doesn’t even have a ten mile bus trip from their campus to Duke’s.

Will the absence of Kyrie Irving be enough to give North Carolina the W? At Chapel Hill… Yes… But as Cameron, certainly not!  The seldom boastful Blue Devils are actually improving as of late, and coping with the fact that their freshman point guard may not come back at all this year.  The home crowd advantage certainly gives Singler’s Blue Devils the upper hand.

Will the absence of Larry Drew hurt North Carolina?  In this match up, yes.  In the rest of the season?  I believe not.  Listen,  Larry drew played over twenty minutes a game, but his numbers weren’t too great (four points a game), and I believe that he’s not valuable to hurt the Tar Heels…  At least not in catastrophic fashion.

Singler and Smith are just too much baby!  The two “diaper dandies” are going to be mystical in primetime tomorrow!  The senior leadership is something that benefits Duke greatly obviously, and is something the Tar heels lack!

Why Duke will indeed win.  As previously stated above, Duke has the advantage in senior leadership and the game is at Cameron for them.  Albeit, Duke’s shooters (Dawkins, Curry, etc.) have came on for them as of late and particularly at home.  Duke’s amazing shooting is what will give them the huge edge.  Duke 88 UNC 71

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just saying…. Duke didnt win by that much

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