Three Things About Sports 2/13

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Sports

Hey guys, this a daily segment describing three things from the sports world!

  1. Down goes the Buckeyes! I called it!  The previously only unbeaten team in Division One college basketball went to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday where they were handed their first lost of the season!  Ohio State led by as much as 15 in the second half, albeit the Badgers were to have no more of that! In the fantastic staging of the upset, Taylor led all scorers with 27 points!
  2. Idaho State knocks off Northern Arizona! Bet you didn’t see this part coming?  Switching from Big Ten to Big Sky?  Well really there was not much to talk about, hence I wanted to inform about something you would find no where else!  The under .500 Idaho State knocked off Northern Arizona 90-88 in overtime last night!  Too bad so sad for the Lumberjacks, what an outrageous name, the Lumberjacks!
  3. Jr. top qualifyer for Daytona next week! The most exciting event of the left turn sport kicks off the Sprint Cup next week as NASCAR is officially starting! The Daytona 500!  As a big fan, I am hoping for a great year of Dale Earnhardt Junior!  He is on the pole for next week’s race!  CHECKERED FLAG TIME!

Thanks for reading!


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