Griffin Wins Dunkathon

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Sports
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This actually is three things about sports, in an all star fashion!

  1. Staples Center, home of the Grammy Awards, the Lakers, and now the circus! The circus that exemplifies the theory that man is greater than machine!  The circus that pits Blake Griffin jumping over a stationary car!  Last night four were chosen to square off in the annual dunk contest, and after a gravity-defying first round, the Wizards Javale McGee emerged to challenge the mighty Blake Griffin!  I actually casted my vote to Javale, but apparently, I was not part of the majority.  Even though McGee dunked three balls, Griffin won, he jumped four wheels!
  2. The Heat win, again. TO HATERS! You know have another reason to hate the Heat, as James Jones won the three point shoot out last night…. Ray Allen was alongside Paul Pierce in contestants, albeit apparently the Heat are better at tricks than they are at winning basketball games!  Come on, that one was funnier than the jokes Letterman cracks!
  3. All-Star Game Preview. The All-Star game preview will not be found in my blog, for the fact that I deem it fun to watch, contrary the game means nothing, and the players just goof around.  Its like watching a hockey game without a goalie!  There will be no defense, there will be numerous alley-oops, and it will be high scoring.  West will win 14515-14514.



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