Lupe Fiasco Atop Rap World?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Music
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Listen, my personal opinion that Lupe Fiasco is the most under rated rapper in the game today, and I promise to bring you reviews of his upcoming album, Lasers ,the week it is released! My personal suggestion to you is to buy his album.

Almost everyone has heard his single “The Show Goes On”, as it proves motivating for ghetto children, and boasts a beat that has been featured at many sports events! Whether you appreciate the catchy hook, the able-minded lyricist, or just like rap, this song is definitely for you! On a side note, the music video for this song was recently released, what does everyone think of it?

Inside my head, is filled with Words I Never Said. Now, this song already deserves some form of a Grammy, but of course, I am not the academy, henceforth awards will more than likely go to a bunch of non-contenders! Any who…. Whether its the mellifluous tone of Skylar Grey’s verse, or maybe its the politcal-bashing lyrics that Fiasco displays, whatever the reason be, I love this song. The big stage is in need of Lupe Fiasco, I will repeat myself, buy this song! I sound as redundant as the info-mericials on Sunday mornings, albeit Lupe is really talented! My favorite part of this song: “Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist, Obama doesn’t say sh!!, thats why I ain’t vote for him, next one either, Im part of the problem, my problem is Im peaceful!” Thank goodness for the Bill Of Rights, or this song would not be possible! To music lovers, politically accurate scholars, Limbaugh, Beck, and Obama, and everyone else in the universe, listen to this song! Disappointment will not reach you!

Lasers premiers March the Eighth, always purchase music from authorized retailers!

  1. DetoxGonnaDrop! says:

    Pitt has Wiz, New Orleans has Lil Wayne, Detriot has Eminem, Cali has NWA, and Dre. And Chicago has LUPE! LASERS NOT LOSERS!

  2. Say Something? Eh.. says:

    Drakes the best though! Lupes good, Ems good, Waynes great, and Drakes the best!

  3. ReturnOFHiPgHop! says:

    This next year will be great for rap, its coming back! Lupe is onlay the tipp of the iceeeberg babeeee!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lupe keeps it real, Wiz lost his talent.

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