Running….And Rambling!

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Blogs
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Here at Jacob’s Sports we often criticize, and seldom acknowledge.  While we love to offer a spam-free experience, occasionally a link is vital.  Per se, we know would like to take time every other month to congratulate a fellow blogger for doing an outstanding job.  For those who have blogs, please comment posting a link to yours, so you can be noticed by me! Or private message to me!

Anyways, this reward goes to Running And Rambling, the mans blog has everything a shoe lover needs to know before going out and purchasing a pair of boots!  In choosing the reward, we considered user experience, helpfulness, and flat out overall performance!  Running and Rambling was a great contender!  While he is not a word press blogger, he still is a blogger!  And a fantastic one at that!  For those of you who have complimented us, we are only the tip of the iceberg!  Running and Rambling is the whole block of ice!  Nothing but kind words go out to this blogger and critic! An enigma has been posed as to how he has maintained a state of the art blog!  Redundancy is about to hit this post, hence, I must hurry in wrapping it up!

Check it out!

Always purchase music through authorized retailers!

  1. Please private message all comments to me word press bloggers! I do not want any links on my blog!

  2. Say Something? Eh.. says:

    Hahaha, obviously you couldnt vote for yourself?

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