Song Of The Week, Week One

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Music
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As I was watching the Bulls stage a miraculous comeback against the division-leading, star studded, Heat, an idea came to me…. After about two seconds of thinking, I conjectured that to improve my blog, I should involve the users more! Maybe add an extra poll here, or an extra poll there…. Honestly, the comments are rather low, seeing as most viewers are non-wordpress members.  Regardless, this right here, is the finished project, where viewers can vote on what their favorite song of the week is!

NOTE: Most of these songs will be of Pop or Hip Hop origin, and will be recently released! Also, images come from, not all are official cover art!

  1. I Need A Doctor, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Skylar Grey The powerful trio performed this song at the Grammy Awards, in what is the favorite to win this week!  The music video just released a few hours ago on MTV….. Eminem and Dr. Dre prove why they are the top rapping duo in the game, albeit whether or not they are the top duo in this post, remains to be seen! Surprisingly, my vote will not be cast to Eminem, who remains my favorite rapper!
  2. Words I Never Said, Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey This right here is the single in which I cast my vote to!  Much like I Need A Doctor, I have a whole article just praising Lupe Fiasco and the Words He Never Said!  The political bashing lyrics, Skylar’s mellifluous tone during the hook, and the beat, combine to win my vote!
  3. E.T. Katy Perry and Kanye WestKaty Perry’s newest single is yet to storm the radio’s, per se, it was just released a few days ago, I fully expect this to be the number one song in America!  Because everysong Katy puts out makes it big, this one will be no exception.  She sounds great, and as a rap fan… I love this song, even though my dismay is great with Kanye, who seemingly had the auto tune on for both of his verses.  Katy Perry is the reason this song makes this list!
  4. Born This Way by Lady Gaga Impressive vocals are displayed by Gaga in this fan favorite!  In case you have lived as a recluse these past two weeks and are yet to turn on a radio, Gaga sings  about being Born The Way she is, and consciously refers to God numerous times.  If this song wins the poll, I will have no shock, at all.  Gaga fans indeed come in large masses, likewise, this song will give The Dre/Eminem col-lab a run for its money!

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  1. Gaga Comes Out Of Egg11 says:

    Baby, I was Born this way, Im beautiful in a way!
    That song is great! Born this Way Gets my vote!
    HATERS, you know that Lady Gaga was the made the most money of all musicians last year righ!?

  2. Extra Terrestial says:

    I dont understand why Perry collabs with a a rapper,but she still sounds great in it! KATY ALL THE WAY

  3. NoNameWonder says:

    I actually do have a blog, but Ive been flagged for spam before, so I guesss Ill take an anonymous take on this one….. I thank you for not puttin Never Say Never on this list bro!

    — Vote: Lupe Fiasco

  4. NoNameWonder says:

    Well, I thought you might have an Oscar Preview up tonight, but seeing as you do not, (I know movies arent your thang) I will say it here…. The oscars will not disapoint like the Grammies did!

  5. Shady Made Me says:

    I NEED A DOCTOR HANDS DOWN! Or Born This Way… Haha just kidding, Pop is trash.

  6. MusicFan58 says:

    Good idea to post this, I voted all the above… Oh wait, I guess Ill go with Born This Way

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does Born This Way Win? Because every single voter shows bias, listen, Words I Never Said is not in my comfort zone of music, but on the contrary, I appreciate a good song…. Ive been a Katy Perry fan since Hot N Cold, but I gotta admit, E.T. does not deserve this…. I know its just a silly poll, but please people, vote for the BEST song, not your FAVORITE artist!

  7. 77777777777777 says:

    Go on youtube and type Words I Never Said in!

  8. Doctor....DREEEEEE says:

    The music video is raw as it gets for I Needa Doctor!

  9. Musicccc says:

    Musix in real world two comes out tomorrow….

  10. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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