My Picks For 2/25

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Sports
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Hello fellow bloggers, today will be the first day of which I pick three major sport events that I have decided to predict!  I will keep track of my record, and any commenters records as well!  Please do not shy away from the user-friendly competition!

  1. St John’s Red Storm at Villanova Wildcats Game is Saturday! Considered as the most intriguing conference, I have always put the Big East in that slot… So anytime two conference giants match-up against each other…. Its a major event in my eyes!  There is no team hotter than the Red Storm right now, Hardy may just be the most under rated player in the nation!  Henceforth, I am picking the St John’s Red Storm! This qualifies as an upset, seeing as the Red Storm are ranked 25th, whereas the ‘Cats are 15th.
  2. L.A. Clippers “at” L.A. Lakers Officially ruled a home game for the Lakers, and an away game for the Clippers, both these teams play at the Staples Center, making it a home game for each (in reality).  The Lakers made no moves yesterday, seeing as they are 40-19 I really didn’t think they had to.  The Clippers did, however, acquiring Mo Williams from the Cavaliers!  I am a huge Mo fan, I think he will fit very well with the Clippers!  Griffin and Mo will dominate, my pick is the Clippers
  3. New York Knicks at Cleveland Caviliers The Knicks have now won three in a row, and with the addition of Carmelo Anthony, they are only going to get better!  The only thing that helps the Caviliers is the addition of Baron Davis, but he will not be nearly enough to stop the Knicks! My pick is the Knicks

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  1. FunnyBunnyMoney says:

    Wildcats, Lakers, Knicks.

  2. Shady Made Me says:

    Red Storm (Hardy boys baby), Lakers, Knicks.

  3. HistoryOfSports911 says:

    Wildcats, Clippers, Knicks

  4. MusicFan58 says:

    Wow, your starting to get more comments man! Ill go with the same picks as you, except Lakers not Clippers..

  5. MusicFan58 says:

    I dont understand what the purpose is, there is no prize, correct?
    1. Nova
    2. Clippers
    3. Knicks (not even hard to pick this one at all)

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