Wiz… Go To Oz… And Ask For Some Rap Skills

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Music
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Now, as soon as this post is published to the internt, and goes viral…. I will probably have about seven comments proclaiming “Taylor Gang is the best” or “Yo, you bout as ignorant as Limbaugh” etc…. Honestly though, get sober, and go listen to Wiz Khalifa, the guy is imbued with as much rap talent as Goldilocks bowl was imbued with pooridge after the three personificated bears raided her house.

Trying to find a drug-free image of Wiz is a lot harder than you think! Image courtesy of swagbucks!

First of all, many of my viewers may recall a time when music videos had meaning behind them… Well certainly that time is not now, as Wiz Khalifa’s latest gig, On My Level, shows him taking shots with girls, and smoking the whole video…. How can you people like this junk?  Go watch I Need A Doctor’s music video… And then watch anything Wiz created, and maybe, just maybe, you will finally take off your Taylor Gang glasses, and see the world for how it is.

Two major rap albums are coming out this March, the eighth Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers debuts, with the trailing singles of “The Show Goes On” and “Words I Never Said”, outside of Eminem, I have never seen such strong lyricism in a song!  This will be a telling point for rap, whether people still appreciate real rap or not.  Albeit, the 28th is a whole different story, out comes “Rolling Papers” now I already have proclaimed the ridiculousness of Wiz Khalifa, but if this album sits atop the charts that week, I will assume that everyone has lost all self-respect for themselves…. His music is trash, its that simple!

Seeing as only one simile has been provided to you, I take this time to bring forth one more!  Wiz Khalifa is more overrated then North Carolina was in the AP Poll after being five hundred, last year!  Also, if Khalifa deserves a Grammy Award, then the the duke and the dauphin in Huckleberry Finn deserve a Noble Peace Prize… For you illiterate Wiz fans, the duke and the dauphin were criminals, likewise, that if-then statement is synonymous for “Khalifa does not deserve any form of an award”!

On a concluding note, to try and muscle up more views, I will take a page out of Wiz’s book, and randomly shout out two colors!

RED AND SILVER, red and silver, yeah, you know what it is, red and silver, red and silver, its the theme colors to Jacob’s Sports, yeah that’s not stunting! RED AND SILVER! RED AND SILVER! YEAHHH!

Dear Wiz Khalifa,

Go to Kansas, be swept up by a twister, head to the land of Oz, get on your knees, and plead the Wizard to work a miracle…. And give you some rapid-fire wordplay, or at least a tidbit of rap talent! It’s a long shot, but you did make it big, so we know anything can happen!

With little to no respect,

Rap fan.

Always purchase music through authorized retailers.

  1. TaylorGangHighUp says:

    You were right….
    You just jealous cause you ain’t on his level!

  2. ForeverRihanna says:

    I don’t like rap, but I kinda like Wiz Khalifa, I mean he has some singing in his songs, and he has a good voice!

  3. DownWithRap291 says:

    Finally, someone who agrees!

  4. WeOffThat says:

    What you should really write about is the downward spiral of the rap game, Syllables states it best. Eminem and Jay Z are alone amongst their kind, and we need a new rapper to emerge! Lil Wayne is good, but these newcomers, Gucci and Wiz, just dont have it… I mean, their music isn’t at a level, and as a large rap fan… It pains me to see Drake have a top album, as does Nicki Minajah or whatever, when they use more auto tune then they do not auto tune….. I mean, its sad, to see the revolution, Eminem keep going! Jay, Dre, 50, keep going! Pac’s death did not mark rap’s death!

  5. volleyballlover says:

    wiz khalifa has a good song and everythin, but eminem is just the best right now and will always be!:)

  6. Lovely_Girl: Are you… Are you kidding me? Do you even know what auto tune is??? Wiz is most certainly auto tuned in numerous of his songs!


    You don’t buy what you have, and you dont ask for what you have.

    • WeOffThat says:

      While I do not really understand why you speak so poorly (grammar wise), I do get the joke. For those of you who do not get it, the Derrick Rose fan is saying that Wiz does not need to ask for what he supposedly has…. Saying Wiz does have a large amout of talent, is a joke.

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