My Picks 3/3

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Picks, Sports
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Pick along with Jacob’s Sports in the comment section, just for bragging rights!  Standings will either be posted every Friday, or every Saturday!

  1. Orlando Magic at Miami Heat The streaking Magic come in to face a Heat team that has lost more than they have won in recent affairs, regardless, it still seems to be the ultimate test!  Will the team with less talent up front but more depth win, or will the Heat win? Lebron James will continue to be a baby, as the Magic win.
  2. Wisconsin Badgers at Indiana Hoosiers In the latter of the two games I will be picking today, really no contest has been posed.  The only reason I chose this game over a few others, is because it is Wisconsin, and you never know when your on the road in the Big Ten. Badgers will win.

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  1. John Wall says:

    Badgers Heat
    Too obvious, its red and white both ways!

  2. HistoryOfSports911 says:

    Hoosiers (upset, why not?) Magic

  3. MusicFan58 says:

    I know thats your referall link man, just trying to help out!
    Magic, Badgers.

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