National No Talent Today

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Hip Hop, Music
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As I briskly strolled around town today, running errands, also while visiting a school, I noticed about three children (more so adolescents) dressed in baggy jeans, and sporting a Wiz Khalifa t-shirt.  Attached are stories of the three encounters.

Of the first escapade from my travels at an anonymous location, I saw a child, around 14 in age, of Hispanic descent, with a mischievous look on his face, his smile flouted his braces, his t-shirt read “Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow” I whispered mindlessly across to him, “that man has no talent”, seeing as I had work to accomplish, I continued my travels, without looking back, or even suggesting a response from him.

Secondly, the oddest of the trio of encounters, I noticed someone with a t-shirt that said “FREE WEEZY” on it.  Now, while I do appreciate the rapid fire word-play in which Lil Wayne subconsciously blabbers out in his opening verses of “Tha Carter IV” debut single, I still believe him to be nothing but a drug enhaling auto-tuned rapper, synonymous for, I do not like him.  I asked the teenager with the shirt “Excuse me, but, is there something that Lil Wayne needs to be freed from other than the enigma of how to get better at rapping?”

The child blankly stared at me and spoke, “Yo that homie is in jail!”  Correct me if I am wrong, my viewers, but was Dwayne Carter not freed from prison about a month or two ago?

Image Courtesy Of Swagbucks; Shirt was not seen on streets today

Finally, I had my final encroachment, this time, with a Caucasian teen, of whom I did not stereotype, wearing a Wiz Khalifa T-Shirt that said “Rolling Papers” on it… Before I lectured about the history of rap, I wondered what kind of t-shirts are they allowing into our public school systems these days? Anyways, I gave the child a piece of my mind, saying Wiz had little talent at all, and he said “I know I saw that on a blog called ‘Jacob’s Sports” No, he did not actually say that, he just told me I was full of crap, and I was stupid.

After all this oddity, I conjectured this day needs to be called “Wear No Talent Rapper’s Apparel”, I did not see any Slim Shady clothing on…. Since he is a beast.

  1. WeOffThat says:

    Excuse me my friend, but may i ask you why you bash the guy so much? His music is not THAT bad.

  2. deuces says:

    I like a lot of Khalifa’s stuff, but his mixtape “Cabin Fever” is GARBAGE. No song is even catchy, and I get it, “his checks look like phone numbers.” Agree with you 100%.

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