Daily Dose Of Sports Friday 3/4

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Sports
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The typical title of “Three Things About Sports”, had taken a redundantly dull tone in my eyes, henceforth, the new title, Daily Dose of Sports, has been presumed!  Thank you to all of our viewers who have stayed with us over maintenance, especially Musicfan58. And to our new viwers, Daily Dose Of Sports is basically analysis on three, give or take an event, events that recently took place in the sport world, and often gives outlook on future events.

  1. Arenas' late three leads Magic to a 'W'

    Legit Magic! In our leading story, Orlando’s home town basketball team traveled by bus to Miami last night, using legitimate Magic to fuela win!  To me, it seems as if the Heat can not finish any game, seeing as they blew on to the Chicago Bulls last Thursday, this past Thursday they led, at one point, by 24, and ended up losing by three.  It was a moment for the books, propelled by a 40-9 Orlando run in the second half.

  2. Harrison Barnes is at it again. Wednesday, the 13th ranked Tar Heels beat host Florida State by two, in a stunning last second victory.  While it really was a seesaw back and forth game, North Carolina’s offense proved to much in the end, as freshman-phenom Harrison Barnes hit a game winning buzzer beater from deep three point territory with three seconds left on the clock!  Seminole fans were shocked, as they thought they were going to knock of both of the ACC super powers in one year, Duke University and UNC!  Like Barnes, John Henson would have no seven in the loss column, adding 19 points, and 12 rebounds.
  3. College Basketball Weekend Outlook Seeing as news was seldom across the sports world, and ESPN has been tainted with the NFL Lockout, I have decided to provide three games to watch for in the CBB atmosphere this coming duet of days.  Duke visits North Carolina, in what is definitely the most exciting match-up, Notre Dame meets Kemba Walker’s squad, and the Badgers face the number one Ohio State Buckeyes, a team they have already beaten once.  All in all, it should be a great sport week end!

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  1. NoNameWonder says:

    Just saying, you coulda blogged about the NFL Lockout.

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