NBA Daily Dose, Take Two.

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Sports

Hello guys, as you know, my weekend nights, as well as afternoons, are rather on the busy side, henceforth posts are typically distorted during the time period! Today, I will be recapping two events from NBA last night.

Rose blossoms, Heat cries water. The Bulls are officially my pick to win the NBA Finals this year, unless the Heat go on a run… There were reports that Heat players were crying in the locker room yesterday, after losing 87-86 to the Bulls, a game in which Derrick rose added 27 points, this just goes to prove my theory that the Bulls are dominant.

Spurs get Speared. It seems as if all season long nobody has had an answer for the Spurs, even more so as of late… After knocking of the Heat by 30 last week, the Lakers continued their win streak to seven games, by beating San Antonio by thirteen points!  There is little to say… Other than WOW!

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  1. PistonsSteelers says:

    While I am not a huge Bulls fan, credit is given where credit is deserved… Therefore, Derrick deserves a home full of credit! MVP

  2. SurgeV1 says:

    Hahah! Not even!! I only posted it because it’s recent and it appeals to my audience. I personally don’t care for the guy! I just featured it that day.

  3. Musicccc says:

    Why, why no posts of this the past two days?

  4. about us says:

    i want to get one

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