Daily Dose Of Sports 3/9

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Sports
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Hey viewers, now, I am aware that a few of you are only visiting to look for a my picks update, albeit that will not be up until Friday, and one will be posted EVERYDAY this weekend…. Thanks for staying with us!

  1. All streaks end, yes Hawks, they do.Last night the Blackhawks aimed to win what would be their ninth win in a row, too bad they lost… Patrick Kane scored a late second period goal, bridging the score at 3-2… Albeit there would be no more scoring, the Hawks failed 3-2.
  2. I knew there was a method to their madness! Honestly, I deem this topic to be unworthy of making the news albeit it made just about every ESPN hour… Jim Tressel, Ohio State Football Coach, will be fined 200,00 dollars, and be suspended for two games next season… But honestly folks, who did not see this one coming?  NOTE: The suspension was for illegal selling of apparel.

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