Overdose On Sports 3.17 PLUS PICKS

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Happy St Patrick’s Day to all, I hope you brought your green in here today, as we have an extended version of  Daily Dose! And I breakdown all the games!

See ya later, alligator. Anyone who has visited my blog on a previous occasion would tell you that I love upsets, so you can make the presumption that I’m just loving the tournament right now!  Earlier today, actually just an hour ago, the game between Louisville (fourth seed) and Morehead State (thirteenth seed) wrapped up with a three pointer by Demonte Harper, and Pitino’s squad (Lousiville) looses, 62 to 61.

Man, I sure can pick ’em. Again, I speak not of anything to do with a prediction I made about a game, but about the whole tournament in general, or at least the Western Bracket… Remember, the past two posts I predicted Kyrie Irving would come back… Granted, I predicted all this before he even practiced with the team…  Anyhow, Coach K said that Kyrie Irving WILL be playing in Friday’s opener against Hampton, but of course, with only limited minutes… Here come the Blue Devils!

See ya later, alligator (Part Two). I am lovin’ it, and McDonald’s is not even a sponsor! (For you ignoramuses that was a pun), right when I thought it could not get any better, the buzzer was beat again, twice… First, Matt Howard (yes, the same one that lost to Duke in the finale last season) came up big against ninth seeded Old Dominion, as the Butler Bulldogs again put on the glass slipper, winning 60-58… Secondly, Penn State trailed by three with ten seconds left, Taylor Battle stood outside the arch by about six feet, pulled up and nailed it…. Only the shot was matched at the other end, and Temple beat Penn State.

NBA News Any other sporting news that is relevant during March Madness will be posted at the end of each sport dose, seeing as I have slotted myself into full tournament mode…  The Bulls have looked great as of late, as they are tied for the top spot in the East, follow this team, they have potential for greatness.  In other brief news, Durant poured in 29 points, as the Thunder beat the Heat.


Chicago Bulls at New Jersey Nets Now, every other person will probably say, the Nets suck… BLAH BLAH BLAH… They are one of the hottest teams in basketball with Deron Williams, they’ve won five straight, the Bulls have won seven straight… Bulls win.

Memphis Grizzlies at New York Knicks Two teams that are really fighting for a playoff spot, now has the weight of knowing every game is important… The newly strengthened Knicks team will be too strong. Knicks win.

Wofford at BYU Jimmer Ferdette needs to get angry, and stay angry if they aren’t going to get upset today, but they won’t… BYU advances.

Bucknell at UCONN UPSET…. Just kidding, Kemba Walker is playing, the guy is a beast…. Experts have picked Bucknell, but don’t let them fool you, Walker is on the better team.

  1. MUSICFAN58 sent me his picks in advance, as did FunnyBunnyMoney
    MUSICFAN: Bulls, Grizzlies, BYU, Uconn
    Funny Bunny Money: BUlls, Knicks, BYU, Bucknell

  2. Musixx says:

    Nets, Knicks, Wofford, UCONN

  3. John Wall says:

    Wizards, oh wait…
    Nets, Knicks, BYU, Uconn

  4. FielderisnotaFielder says:

    Bulls, Knicks, BYU, UCONN, but UNC will loose tomorrow.

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