Is Duke Where It Need Be?

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Sports
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A topic we discuss often, Duke University, faced a very good Michigan squad today, but they only won by two… What hurts more is the fact that Duke led by 15…. Not sold that Duke didn’t play their best yet?  Michigan got a lay-up at the buzzer that would have sent the game to overtime, only the shot missed.

Surely Duke fans are expect the Blue Devils to recover from the dissapointment, but really, with Kyrie Irving back in the line-up, people should expect better from the Blue Devils… Or else… An upset will come to the mist soon, very soon.  The good news is that Duke has made the Final cut of sixteen teams, and Texas/Arizona is very beatable.

Prediction: In this shorter post, I would like to acknowledge the way the Blue Devils always come back, Coach K got his 900th win today, and there is a reason for that… It is no enigma to me, that Duke will come into their next game on fire, and just light things up!

The good: Kyrie Irving attacked today, putting up 10 plus points again, in limited minutes.  Andre Dawkins proved that his shot will be deadly the rest of the way, and overall, the Blue Devils played okay.

  1. Tar Heel says:

    Over… Rated.

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