March Madness: Second Round Picks

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Picks, Sports
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Hey guys, in this post I will break down all the action we saw last night, as well as what to expect in today’s games!

Its Jimmer Time

Man, oh man, I am a genius(Southeast Region). Call me conceded, but how many of you had Pitt getting knocked off by Butler in the second round? Yeah, that is what I thought, I’ve got Kansas State coming out of that regional, and unfortunately, they just got knocked off by Wisconsin.  Jacob Pullen looked great, totaling a sum of 60 points in the two games his team played, too bad it was to no avail! No upsets in the bottom half of this region, as Fredette’s Cougars look to take on the Gators in the Sweet Sixteen.  The Sweet Sixteen in this region is: Butler, Wisconsin, Brigham Young, and Florida.

Southeast Region Games Today:


Kentucky is good, just not lucky(East Region) Kentucky is very very good, they just have lost too many close ones, so if their luck turns, I will favor them to go to Houston, their already halfway there, after winning yesterday, the team advanced to the Sweet Sixteen.  George Mason plays Ohio State tonight, this game can be found on CBS.  There is a bracket buster here, Marquette, after beating a six-seeded Musketeer team in the first round, the field is open for the Golden Eagles.

East Region Picks For Today:

Ohio State (1) vs. George Mason (8) There was a guy on yahoo sports or some other big website that had predicted the upset in this one, I am not going to.  I believe that Ohio State WILL win this game, albeit exit the tournament to Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen.

Marquette (11) vs. Syracuse (3) Here’s a game that you should expect the unexpected in… A lot of people though Xavier would be here, albeit the Golden Eagles have taken their place, and I believe they will pull the upset… Marquette wins.

North Carolina (2) vs. Washington (7) I have gone crazy, and think that Washington is going to win this game… Just kidding, I have North Carolina in my Final Four, but lets just say this: I am expecting this to be the best game today, and it is also the earliest.  Tar Heels win.

Can you say beast?

He’s back! Boy, am I getting redundant. (West Region) In a first round game that I got to say little about, Kyrie Irving dropped a team-high 14 points against Hampton, in his first game off the bench… If he start’s today against Michigan, and sees a lot of minutes, they will blow the Wolverines right out of the tourney. UCONN and San Diego State (in double OT) both advanced to the Sweet Sixteen yesterday.

West Region Games:

Duke(1) vs. Michigan (8) I already said it, Kyrie Irving is back in what seems to be full force, but today will be the telling point. Duke wins.

Texas (4) vs. Arizona (5) Well, I really was expecting to see Oakland play Memphis in this match-up, so I’ll go with Texas.

Richmond? The Spiders? (Southwest Region) Yesterday Morehead State played the Richmond Spiders, a 12 verse a 13, the twelve won, Richmond.  And they have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen… The only team yet to emerge from that region… Kansas has the Illini tonight, VCU plays Purdue, and Florida State squares off against the Irish.

Pick along.

  1. FielderisnotaFielder says:

    Duke, Arizona, Washing, Syracuse, Ohio State,

  2. MusicFan58 says:

    Duke, Texas, UNC, Syracuse, and, upset time, George Mason

  3. John Wall says:

    Michigan (My upset),Texas, UNC, Syracuse, and, Ohio State

  4. FunnyBunnyMoney says:

    Duke, Texas, WashingtonC, Syracuse, Ohio State

  5. pac 10 ERRYDay says:

    Duke, Zona, Washington, Syracuse, Ohio State, gotta give my PAC 10 love!

  6. Things that I said here are so accurate its scary, 4-1, plus I said Washington would be close with UNC, and that OSU would loose to KU…

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