My Picks Standings

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Picks, Sports

To all viewers, once a day (typically) I post my picks, and invite fellow bloggers to pick along in the comment section… I see the same five faces there every single day, and encourage more users to take part in these charades!

Also, many-a-times I have promised to post standings, otherwise people would be picking for no reason whatsoever, and I now bring to you… The standing!

Jacob’s Sports: 27-15-2

Musicfan58: 26-12-1

Cole: 2-1-1

Anonymous: 0-1-2

WeezyBigFan: 1-1-1

CryingKUFan: 2-0-1

HistoryofSports911: 6-6

John Wall: 12-12

FunnyBunnyMoney: 12-15

ShadyMadeMe: 2-1

FielderisnotaFielder: 9-7

NoNameWonder: 3-1

Extra Terrestial: 1-3

Musixx: 1-3

pac ten erryday: 3-2

Tar Heel: 3-1

These are just the records, listed above, now time for the actual standings! (Minimum six games picked… Win percentage. Ties from hockey count as wins.)

  1. Musicfan58 (667 win percentage)
  2. Jacob’s Sports (659 win percentage)
  3. Fielderisnotafielder (562 win percentage)
  4. John Wall (500 win percentage)
  5. History of Sports (500 win percentage)
  6. FunnyBunnyMoney (444 win percentage)

I hope more of you join so we can get a better thing going here!  Congrats to Musicfan58, for currently holding the top spot!

I also hope that you appreciate the standings, as I had to go through everyone of my posts to add these up.


  1. MusicFan58 says:

    Thanks lots!

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