Picking Games Left And Right!

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Sports
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Daily Dose will come much later in the day, as well as a feature on the Chicago Cubs, please check out home run corner!

Butler Bulldogs vs. Virginia Commonwealth Rams Let me just give a shout out to Brad Stevens, head coach of Butler, for defying all odds in back-to-back seasons, and making two straight Final Fours!  Its funny that an eight seed can be a favorite in a Final Four game, but that is just what happens when your facing an eleven seed.  How about Shaka Smart? His team, the Rams, wasn’t supposed to even be in the field, and they had to win a play-in-game to get to where their at… In the locker room before games he seldom spoke, rather he would show clips of announcers dissing VCU, like Dickie V, when he said they shouldn’t be in the field, or Charles Barkley saying the team had no shot at beating Kansas… Well they did, and in this tournament alone, they have beaten a PAC 10 school, a Big East school, a Big 10 school, an ACC school, and now a Big 12 school, that’s just incredible!  i recently purchased myself a VCU t-shirt, yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon… Bias affects my pick, but… VCU!

Kentucky vs. Connecticut While its hard to compete with the excitement of two Cinderella teams squaring off, this game is probably going to be one of the closest Final Four games in history, as Brandon Knight faces off against Kemba Walker’s Huskies, a team that has now won nine games in a row, all on neutral territory.  But the question remains, can Kemba keep turning out the victor?  I believe so, but if the Wildcats are going to win this game, then they need to stop the penetration… How can Kentucky win this game?  As I said, defensively they need to stop all penetration, and on the offensive end they need to go down low, Connecticut is not very deep.  So, who will win?  The answer is simple, whoever has more luck.  Thats usually how March Madness is, which team gets hot and lucky?  Connecticut will win though.

Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees The Yankees blasted the Tigers on opening day, winning 6-3, Joba Chamberlain became the victor, and Rivera got the save.  I expect to see a more focused Tigers team today, as they again compete on a national level.  While I expect it to be close, I think that AJ Burnett shows some consistency, and the Yankees win.

Standings (Top Dogs) (New Rank in brackets)

  1. Musicfan58 (667 win percentage) (28-14-1) (2)
  2. Jacob’s Sports (659 win percentage) (30-16-2) (1)
  3. Fielderisnotafielder  (10-10) (5)
  4. John Wall (15-13) (4)
  5. History of Sports (7-9) (6)
  6. FunnyBunnyMoney  (14-17) (7)
  7. pac 10 erryday (6-3) (3)

Fighting For A Spot:

  1. volleyballlove (2-2)
  1. HistoryOfSports911 says:

    Butler, Connecticut, Yankees

  2. MusicFan58 says:

    Butler, Kentucky, Yankees.
    Hey, how come some people arent shown in rank?

  3. Tar Heel says:

    I wanna show all of my haters love, this ones for you.
    Good morning!
    Umm, Lets go, VCU, Tigers, UCONN

  4. FielderisnotaFielder says:

    Man, it wont help me gain on you, but youve got em right today, same picks as you.

  5. FunnyBunnyMoney says:

    Ehh, Butler (tougher team), Yankees, and UConn

  6. volleyballlover says:

    butler,Connecticut, Yankees

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