Sports and music are two things that become the publisher of Jacob’s Sports, and journalism is what he combines the categories with!  Whether you need a slight cheering up, or just want to catch up on the pop culture world, Jacob’s blog offers a fantastic line-up of posts!

While an often random article is posted on this blog, regulars are more common, whereas everyday “Three Things About Sports” is published, and weekly “Song Of The Week” is posted!

Jacob’s Sports favorite things are music and sports, albeit comments are much appreciated as well!

  1. ReturnOFHiPgHop! says:

    Well since comments are so thouroghly appreciated…. Nice blog!

  2. MusicFan58 says:

    Hahah, the old about page was better (;

  3. TheVeteran says:

    Been a long time comin

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