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That seems to be the theme this year.  Make the field, then take it from there.

First, the Packers had a triumphant week seventeen win against the Chicago Bears, their arch-rival.  The Bears could have finished them off right then and there, but they didn’t.  They then later faced the Packers in the playoffs, the Packers won that game.  The Packers didn’t stop at that point, oh no… They cruised all the way to the Lombardi Trophy.  Winning it all, as an underdog.

Then there’s the mischievous case of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams, a team many basketball scholars doubted, bashed, and criticized, highly acclaimed Dick Vitale said, “They don’t deserve to be in the bracket.”  The Rams had to win a game to make it into the legitimate 64 team field, they did indeed win the play-in game.  Like the Packers, they didn’t stop once they reached the play-offs, they kept going like the Energizer bunny.  The Rams made it all the way to the marvelous Final Four stage.

In more recent affairs, I picked Tiger Woods to win the 2011 Masters.  People told me I was crazy, people told me he wouldn’t make the cut… He not only made the cut, he survived all the way to the end, finishing with ten points under par…. While he didn’t win the tournament, he boasted that the Tiger of old was back… And in full out attack mode, Tiger Woods will be a huge competitor throughout this 2011 golf season.

And now we seemingly have a new element developing in the chastising plot of which haunts betters, the defending Stanley Cup champions are in the playoffs, as the last seed.  The Hawks could have secured a spot yesterday with at least a a point, but they lost 4-3 in regulation to rival Detroit.  Captain Toews, and his Chicago team thought their season was over…. But the Stars lost to the Wild, and now the Blackhawks are in the playoffs, with a good as a chance as any.

Yeah, I’m making the safe bet…. By not betting.


Hey viewers, now, I am aware that a few of you are only visiting to look for a my picks update, albeit that will not be up until Friday, and one will be posted EVERYDAY this weekend…. Thanks for staying with us!

  1. All streaks end, yes Hawks, they do.Last night the Blackhawks aimed to win what would be their ninth win in a row, too bad they lost… Patrick Kane scored a late second period goal, bridging the score at 3-2… Albeit there would be no more scoring, the Hawks failed 3-2.
  2. I knew there was a method to their madness! Honestly, I deem this topic to be unworthy of making the news albeit it made just about every ESPN hour… Jim Tressel, Ohio State Football Coach, will be fined 200,00 dollars, and be suspended for two games next season… But honestly folks, who did not see this one coming?  NOTE: The suspension was for illegal selling of apparel.

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Welcome, to Jacob’s Sports for what, I believe, is almost been a month of 31 (what you get when you add 24 and 7) sports coverage.  Two recent sport events will be broken down in this post, and FOUR games will be predicted, join along!

Jeff Green's a versatile player who's expected to play a crucial role in the Celtics' 2011 championship run. (Getty Images)

Courtesy of CBS

I was reluctant to call it a bad trade, because it was a good one. Boston faced criticism everywhere after trading away an injured Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder, honestly though, Jeff Green is a stud, and he proved that last night, scoring 21 off the bench in the Celtics four point win of the Warrior’s. Could this trade be the key to an NBA Title, or is this just a pretty darned close fake key?  Boston is 4-0 since the trade, albeit one can not consider that a real telling point, seeing as Kendrick Perkins would not have played in any of those four games anyways.  Nenad Kristic is really a small factor, but he is a good foot and a half taller than Nate Robinson.

Haters, here is something worth smiling about! Now, as a blogger, its not like I am just some emotionless automaton from the late 18th century, I know who hates who, and I know plenty of people will jump for joy when they hear that the Miami Heat lost, once again.  This time though, there was no late comeback staged, nothing was close at all, the Heat lost to the 51-11 Spurs, by thirty points.  There is nothing funny about it, no excuses, the Spurs had 125 points, and no individual had more than 20!  Time after time again, the Heat get extinguished! The Bulls won last night, tieing the Heat for the number two seed in the East.


Duke Blue Devils at North Carolina Tar Heels Duke won the first match-up, after trailing by 14 points at the half, but if Duke gets down early in this one, coming back will be much more difficult then the previous affair.  Honestly though, Kyrie Irving would have guaranteed Duke a win today, albeit he is hurt, and probably is not playing again today.  Well, I still think Duke is the better team, but if their shooters get cold, they have little to no chance of winning.  Still, I pick Duke.

Chicago Blackhawks at Toronto Maple Leafs Briefly in this post, I mentioned that the Chicago Bulls are red hot, owning rights to second place in the Eastern Conference, likewise, the other United Center-based team is also peaking at the right time, winning six in a row.  The Captain Toews has recorded five goals in the past three games, henceforth, picking the Blackhawks should be little suprise.

Notre Dame at UCONN Number eight in the country meets number sixteen, ND at UCONN, it should be a great match-up, two premier guards from the Big East going at it…. Albeit, Kemba Walker will prove to clutch for the streaking Irish, I’ve got Connecticut.

Wisconsin Badgers at Ohio State Buckeyes Almost every sport fan knows the story of earlier this year…. Wisconsin knocked off the then number one Buckeyes, at Madison…. This is a whole separate chapter, as OSU is again ranked number one, but the strengthened Buckeyes are hungrier, no way does Jared Sullinger let the Buckeyes down again!

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