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Just a note, until summer, Jacob Sports will not be in full out coverage of the sports world.


San Antonio Spurs (1) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (8)  Its hard not to take the one seed, especially when they have the experience that the Spurs possess.  Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobli all know how to win games late in the year, Spurs show off their number one seed early.  Spurs in five.

Oklahoma City Thunder (4) vs. Denver Nuggets (5) The average fan would have given up on the Nuggets after Anthony and Billups were given away to the Knicks, but the Nuggets have as good a chance as any now! Although, as I say, you need a guard who can score at any time, in the playoffs.  The Thunder have that in superstar Kevin Durant.  Thunder in six.

Dallas Mavericks (3) vs. Portland Trailblazers (6)  Everybody has a chance to see the light of the Finals in the Western Conference, except the Spurs.  While everything is bigger in Texas, their chances of winning it all are very slim.  While Big Dirk is a great player, I believe that the Mavericks are overrated.  Upset, Trailblazers in seven!

Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs. New Orleans Hornets (7)  Kobe and company are hungry for a three-peat.  Only, that didn’t show in the last five games of the season, where the Lakers went 1-4, their only win coming against the top seeded Spurs.  Still, the Lakers will sweep here.


Chicago Bulls (1) vs. Indiana Pacers (8) The Bulls are led by the Great Drive, Derrick Rose.  In marvelous fashion the Bulls won today, 104-99, after trailing the whole game.  Derrick Rose proved that his Bulls are the best, although their inexperience may give way to one game in this series..  Bulls in five.

Orlando Magic (4) vs. Atlanta Hawks (5) Late in the season Dwight Howard and Quentin Richardson both were given suspensions, a shame as the Magic have what it takes to go deep.  A monster in the post, Superman, a stellar leading guard, Jameer Nelson, and the shooting (Gilbert Arenas, JJ Redick, Ryan Anderson).  Albeit, the Hawks are a tough customer,  the Magic will be fine if they stay suspension-free.  Magic in seven.

Boston Celtics (3) vs. New York Knicks (6) If the Knicks actually decide to show up on the defensive end, this could be the greatest first round series of all time.  The Celtics big three haven’t seem as hungry as of late, but in a playoff atmosphere, you better believe the green jersey’s have an appetite.  Interesting to see how the Knicks fare in their first real test as a new group. Celtics in five.

Miami Heat (2) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (7) Outside of the state of Florida, just about every casual fan has hated on the Heat since the arrival of Lebron James and Chris Bosh.  Writers acclaimed the Heat to have the best season of all time, which they did not.  I believe the Heat are starting to mesh together well, and that they can win playoff games.  Heat sweep.

Tomorrow I hope to post my second round predictions.


Lots of sports coverage coming your way these next three days, great way to start it off? Making some picks, and posting a short article about the Boston Red Sox.

All was well in Boston this off-season, in January the Celtics were atop the Eastern Conference standings, the Bruins had great goal-tending on their side, and the Red Sox were slated by many to go to the World Series, if not win it.

Only that was January, this is April.  The Boston Celtics still are going to make the playoffs as a high seed, probably as the second seed, possibly the third seed.  Only it is obvious that the Chicago Bulls are far superior to them, as they just were stomped on in a 97-81 loss to Chicago just last night.  Clearly Chicago is their certain superior.

Boston is currently 0-6, no team with that bad a start has ever gone onto a World Series, albeit I believe all will be well there eventually, that kind of start is just unacceptable for a program who goes out and spends over 100 million dollar’s on player salaries.

Their hitting is supposed to be their strong point, and as a whole, fewer teams have hit at a lower average than Boston.  Hey Terry, how’s Crawford doing for you?

Will either Boston team make it to a championship? Is Derrick Rose the MVP?


I’m taking the Phillies, over the Braves.

I’m taking the Brewers, over the Cubs.


Fans stood idol on either side of the basketball court, but of course the Charlotte fans behind the rim tried to rustle up as much noise as they could to try to distract Dwight Howard, there wasn’t a soul in that arena who was excited for the free throw, it was the second quarter, and just an average free throw.

Oh, how it was not.  Second year Charlotte guard, Gerald Henderson (a former Duke Blue Devil) stood with both hands in the air behind the free throw line, ticking off seconds in his hands, trying to get the referee’s to call a ten second free throw violation, a rule barely exercised, especially against a star like Howard.

The whistle blew after Henderson sardonically smiled with ten fingers in the air, glancing over at the ref, a question raised solely by his eyebrows, ten count?

The answer was yes, the whistle went off, average fans stood confused, heck, most people don’t even know that rule exists, but it does… As Dwight Howard walked backcourt, saying something inapropiate to one of the officials, again the whistle blew.  This time, a T was made with the ref’s hand. Technical Foul.  What’s worse?  It was Howard’s 18th, because of that he is now suspended for the game against Chicago on Sunday.

Gerald Henderson stood again.  This time near his baseline, in front of an enraged Quentin Richardson, who then shoved Henderson smack dead in the face.  His punishment?  Two game suspension.  Two key factors out for the Bulls verse Magic game.

Gerald Henderson’s words? Your welcome, Chicago. He didn’t quite say this, but he does indeed deserve a thank you from Chicago.

Not only did he prove that he had a stingy love of strategy, he proved that he could run the show in the NBA come later years.  I remember a Duke verse Maryland game where he did a reverse dunk, and got clobbered, but still made the basket.

He’s one of the most athletic players in the game, and watch any highlight real, his jump shot has improved miraculously since leaving Duke University.  You may ask, how did he prove it?  He put up 32 point and five rebounds against the Magic last night.

Speaking of Chicago, I thought of Derrick Rose.  My pick to win the MVP award this season, although Dwight Howard’s case against his is decent, Howard’s suspension swings the edge to Derrick Rose.

The Bulls play the Celtics in a very important 1 vs. 2 match-up.

Magic won that game last night, in overtime.

While, I would love to bring forth to you a great blog, I will not be able to post today, and tomorrow, as other engagements have taken over.  I appreciate those who still stop by, and check to see if I was bluffing.  With the little respite of time from my personal endeavors, I will produce a recap of only one event that occurred recently in the sports world, frowny face.

  1. Derrick Rose shows why he is better than John Wall. The Bulls continued their successful road trip out to the nation’s capitol last night, as two elite guards faced off, Wall and Derrick Rose.  The rookie was dazzled as Rose drove past him numerous times to record an easy lay up.  The Bulls looked like the top team in the East, winning 105-77.

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