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Today, the Eighth in March, debuted a rap album that imbued my ears with a mellifluous ring all day long, that album? Lasers, by Lupe Fiasco… In this trailing post, I will post all you need to know about this album before the purchase.

First and foremost, Lupe Fiasco is no sell-out rapper of the caliber of Wiz Khalifa or even Lil Wayne for that matter, in a sense that he actually raps, and does not try to auto-tune himself in a marketing-pitch for the radio…. Oh no, Lupe has struggled to put out this album because of that, his record label seemed to tame him, on the contrary Lupe is like Miley Cyrus, he Can Not Be Tamed… While two songs do make me question Lupe’s intent, the rest of the album is music to my ears!

Fiasco looks down in shame at Atlantic Records

As I said, after the quarrel between the record label and Fiasco, it is a relief to finally see the end result, one blogger put it best:  :Albums that touch on paranoia and prophecy are common practice in certain genres. Artists and their particular record labels squabble and fight like schoolchildren trying to gain an edge in a sandbox. For the better part of the late 2000s, Lupe Fiasco has been mired in numerous star crossed moments. From the anointing as a hip-hop savior in the same vein as Nas a decade before him to having his debut album leaked onto the internet a full six months before it was scheduled to drop, everything has played onto Wasulu Jaco’s adopted stage name: a fiasco.”

Now rarely will I feature a quote by a blogger that long, but something of that caliber can not be beat, and I know few of you would have wound up seeing it… Check out his full article here: My favorite part of the whole album most definitely came from the second single, Words I Never Said:

Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist,

Gaza strip was getting bombed Obama didn’t say sh**,

That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either,

I am a part of the problem, my problem is Im peacful…

Now, the only time you will see someone speak so freely about our anti-Utopian government is if you coincidentally strolled into a bar at 2AM to find a man who had been drinking too much liquor… Of course, I know that our Constitution’s Bill Of Rights guarantees you the Freedom of Speech, and what not, albeit many have been looked down upon as if they stole candy from a child in the Great Depression… Lupe Fiasco was certainly sober during the writing of those lyrics, how Lupe constructs his opinions in such a flow is a great enigma.

As I previously stated in one of the opening paragraphs, there was a selection of songs aimed for radio hype, much to Fiasco’s dismay, amongst the songs, I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now. Whether you can tell if an artist like what they created or not, I still believe 100 percent that Lupe Fiasco created this under great paranoia… I do like the song, do not get me wrong, but it is not classic Lupe Fiasco, heck he is starting to make a few songs that would suggest he is taking the change Common made… While these songs come seldom, it should be never that they come… Atlantic Records, please leave Lupe Fiasco the heck alone.

Of course, Lupe Fiasco is no puppet constructed of yarn, or any sort of puppet whatsoever, per se, he is not going to go down with out his opinion being put out.  The albums most well known song, The Show Goes on, pits him rapping the following lines:

Did you ever feel like you was being had,

That stuff that makes you mad,

They treat you like a slave, put chains up on your soul, and whips on your back.

Certainly Atlantic Records attempted this with the young Chicago rapper, and certainly Lupe Fiasco does not really care for it… On a concluding note, Words I Never Said and The Show Goes On will be the money gatherers for this album… An album I give an eight out of ten, the deduction of points was for a compromising of style… And as usual, always purchase music through authorized retailers… Oh, and buy this album!


As I was watching the Bulls stage a miraculous comeback against the division-leading, star studded, Heat, an idea came to me…. After about two seconds of thinking, I conjectured that to improve my blog, I should involve the users more! Maybe add an extra poll here, or an extra poll there…. Honestly, the comments are rather low, seeing as most viewers are non-wordpress members.  Regardless, this right here, is the finished project, where viewers can vote on what their favorite song of the week is!

NOTE: Most of these songs will be of Pop or Hip Hop origin, and will be recently released! Also, images come from, not all are official cover art!

  1. I Need A Doctor, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Skylar Grey The powerful trio performed this song at the Grammy Awards, in what is the favorite to win this week!  The music video just released a few hours ago on MTV….. Eminem and Dr. Dre prove why they are the top rapping duo in the game, albeit whether or not they are the top duo in this post, remains to be seen! Surprisingly, my vote will not be cast to Eminem, who remains my favorite rapper!
  2. Words I Never Said, Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey This right here is the single in which I cast my vote to!  Much like I Need A Doctor, I have a whole article just praising Lupe Fiasco and the Words He Never Said!  The political bashing lyrics, Skylar’s mellifluous tone during the hook, and the beat, combine to win my vote!
  3. E.T. Katy Perry and Kanye WestKaty Perry’s newest single is yet to storm the radio’s, per se, it was just released a few days ago, I fully expect this to be the number one song in America!  Because everysong Katy puts out makes it big, this one will be no exception.  She sounds great, and as a rap fan… I love this song, even though my dismay is great with Kanye, who seemingly had the auto tune on for both of his verses.  Katy Perry is the reason this song makes this list!
  4. Born This Way by Lady Gaga Impressive vocals are displayed by Gaga in this fan favorite!  In case you have lived as a recluse these past two weeks and are yet to turn on a radio, Gaga sings  about being Born The Way she is, and consciously refers to God numerous times.  If this song wins the poll, I will have no shock, at all.  Gaga fans indeed come in large masses, likewise, this song will give The Dre/Eminem col-lab a run for its money!

Always purchase music through authorized retailers

Listen, my personal opinion that Lupe Fiasco is the most under rated rapper in the game today, and I promise to bring you reviews of his upcoming album, Lasers ,the week it is released! My personal suggestion to you is to buy his album.

Almost everyone has heard his single “The Show Goes On”, as it proves motivating for ghetto children, and boasts a beat that has been featured at many sports events! Whether you appreciate the catchy hook, the able-minded lyricist, or just like rap, this song is definitely for you! On a side note, the music video for this song was recently released, what does everyone think of it?

Inside my head, is filled with Words I Never Said. Now, this song already deserves some form of a Grammy, but of course, I am not the academy, henceforth awards will more than likely go to a bunch of non-contenders! Any who…. Whether its the mellifluous tone of Skylar Grey’s verse, or maybe its the politcal-bashing lyrics that Fiasco displays, whatever the reason be, I love this song. The big stage is in need of Lupe Fiasco, I will repeat myself, buy this song! I sound as redundant as the info-mericials on Sunday mornings, albeit Lupe is really talented! My favorite part of this song: “Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist, Obama doesn’t say sh!!, thats why I ain’t vote for him, next one either, Im part of the problem, my problem is Im peaceful!” Thank goodness for the Bill Of Rights, or this song would not be possible! To music lovers, politically accurate scholars, Limbaugh, Beck, and Obama, and everyone else in the universe, listen to this song! Disappointment will not reach you!

Lasers premiers March the Eighth, always purchase music from authorized retailers!