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Title is more than self-explanatory!

  1. Bulls extinguish Heat. How many times have we seen a game like this?  A team leads the whole game, in this case the Heat, albeit when it matters most, they trail! Leading the whole game, the Heat did, until late in the third quarter when Derrick Rose drove in for a lay up!  It was all Bulls after that, putting the lead up to nine points at one instance!  Chris Bosh shot poorly (1-18 from the field), in the Heat’s 93-89 loss to the Bulls.
  2. Martin led all scorers, with 18.

    Mello?  Nah, they’ve got the yellow! The Nuggets, with Raymond Felton, and without Billups and Anthony, beat the Celtics last night, in a game that was really the Nuggets from the start of the second quarter!  While the Celtics were without Kendrick Perkins (shipped to Oklahoma for Jeff Green), they still had their big three, leaving the question, are the Nuggets really actually good after this trade?  I think not, but they did just beat the Celtics 89-75….. Newly acquired Wilson Chandler chimed in 16 points and five rebounds off the bench.

  3. Overtime! Over-rated! When I say upset, your mind should immediately think “Big East!?”  Seeing as that conference is strong all around, boasting many upsets. The most recent one came last night, as Marquette walked into UCONN unranked, and walked out leaving Kemba Walker unhappy.  In overtime, the away team winning is very rare,  especially at the University of Connecticut!  Regardless,  Calhoun-less UCONN lost 74-67!

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Four major things that happen in sports world, uh huh, you know what it is, albeit today it is only three, as a special weekday version!

  1. Hopeful Hoosiers. As the Hoosiers play a big dog from the Big Ten, in Purdue tonight, many Hoosiers fans, along with me, are expecting a triumphant upset!  One fan was asked if he thinks they will win and replied “ya yaaa yaaa” I did not understand this but I assumed it to be biased talk… Or Hoosier talk… Who knows, maybe it was a line in that script for that one movie! In all seriousness, I see the Hoosiers pulling off this upset.
  2. Broken Blackhawks. First, the Blackhawks lost to the Canucks, and now the Flames of Calgary!  Not only are they making me look bad in my picks section (which will not be posted tonight), they are also making themselves look bad!  I don’t know what the problem is, contrary the Hawks have been streaky often lately, hence, I expect them to pick up the pace very soon!
  3. Anthony to the Lakers? Insanity.  Pure insanity.  I have strong beliefs that the back-to-back champions roster is in no need of augment, albeit rumors flew everywhere last night, CBS sports, ESPN, twitter, and the streets.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but many sources have said the Lakers are talking to Carmello.  This is something I thought worth sharing!

Thanks for reading!  Tune in later this week for many special features!  Please be patient, as most articles will be posted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!