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You have to love Virginia Commonwealth University, unless you are Purdue, or Georgetown, in which case, go ahead and hate.  But I mean seriously, now that we are down to a final field of sixteen sweet teams, you must give credit where credit is due, and we do a lot of that in this post!

East Region: This region packs in a lot of excitement (never was a region that didn’t), and Ohio State looks like they will win this one… Only, I do not think they will, even after the 30-plus point slaughtering of George Mason last round… Kentucky will face Ohio State, as the two hot teams square off, we will have more on this game tomorrow, as the game is Friday.  Now, North Carolina could not have made things more controversial, as the refs made a clock error with a second left in the game, when they played Washington… Harrison Barnes emerged victorious, winning the game by three points.  This game too, is tomorrow.  Prediction: I have Kentucky and North Carolina winning.

Kyle Singler has been forgotten in the Irving predicament, but remember, Singler is a great player.

West Region: The West region is extremely tough, but Duke has the best back-court in the nation, with Seth Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Nolan Smith… I will not go in depth on this one, as I HOPE to post a whole separate article tonight… But Duke looked mediocre, as they blew a lead against Michigan, escaping with a victory, they will face Arizona tomorrow night.  In the bottom half, Kemba Walker’s UCONN will face San Diego State tomorrow night, as well.  This region is stacked, but Duke will emerge the victor, do not worry…. Catch a prediction article later tonight!

Well, its only five eastern time right now, hence there is lots of time to post a few more articles, stay tuned!


Again, this is all going to be college basketball games today, standings will be posted sometime today! Thats a guarantee! Feel free to pick along.

Virginia Tech Hokies neutral against Duke Blue Devils The Hokies have already upset Duke once this season, and thats why I doubt it will happen again today, but if Nolan Smith does not play, and Duke’s shooters are cold, you’ll never know… Albeit, I know Coach K won’t let this one get away… Duke wins.

Memphis at Texas El-Paso (neutral territory) This is for an automatic tournament seed, its supposed to be neutral, but it is in El-Paso… Both teams have 24, and 25 wins, so a loss here may not dictate a no-show in March Madness, albeit this one is important… I’ll take Memphis.

Greensburo: Clemson at North Carolina North Carolina did not lead at all yesterday, up until it actually counted, they won off of a buzzer beater… Of course, players admit they got lucky, but we will see how good they really are today, if they can beat this seed-hungry Tigers team.  I go with North Carolina.

Texas at Kansas Both of these two teams will make the field, the question is at what spot? Texas will win this one against a Kansas team that barely escaped Colorado last night…

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Welcome, to Jacob’s Sports for what, I believe, is almost been a month of 31 (what you get when you add 24 and 7) sports coverage.  Two recent sport events will be broken down in this post, and FOUR games will be predicted, join along!

Jeff Green's a versatile player who's expected to play a crucial role in the Celtics' 2011 championship run. (Getty Images)

Courtesy of CBS

I was reluctant to call it a bad trade, because it was a good one. Boston faced criticism everywhere after trading away an injured Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder, honestly though, Jeff Green is a stud, and he proved that last night, scoring 21 off the bench in the Celtics four point win of the Warrior’s. Could this trade be the key to an NBA Title, or is this just a pretty darned close fake key?  Boston is 4-0 since the trade, albeit one can not consider that a real telling point, seeing as Kendrick Perkins would not have played in any of those four games anyways.  Nenad Kristic is really a small factor, but he is a good foot and a half taller than Nate Robinson.

Haters, here is something worth smiling about! Now, as a blogger, its not like I am just some emotionless automaton from the late 18th century, I know who hates who, and I know plenty of people will jump for joy when they hear that the Miami Heat lost, once again.  This time though, there was no late comeback staged, nothing was close at all, the Heat lost to the 51-11 Spurs, by thirty points.  There is nothing funny about it, no excuses, the Spurs had 125 points, and no individual had more than 20!  Time after time again, the Heat get extinguished! The Bulls won last night, tieing the Heat for the number two seed in the East.


Duke Blue Devils at North Carolina Tar Heels Duke won the first match-up, after trailing by 14 points at the half, but if Duke gets down early in this one, coming back will be much more difficult then the previous affair.  Honestly though, Kyrie Irving would have guaranteed Duke a win today, albeit he is hurt, and probably is not playing again today.  Well, I still think Duke is the better team, but if their shooters get cold, they have little to no chance of winning.  Still, I pick Duke.

Chicago Blackhawks at Toronto Maple Leafs Briefly in this post, I mentioned that the Chicago Bulls are red hot, owning rights to second place in the Eastern Conference, likewise, the other United Center-based team is also peaking at the right time, winning six in a row.  The Captain Toews has recorded five goals in the past three games, henceforth, picking the Blackhawks should be little suprise.

Notre Dame at UCONN Number eight in the country meets number sixteen, ND at UCONN, it should be a great match-up, two premier guards from the Big East going at it…. Albeit, Kemba Walker will prove to clutch for the streaking Irish, I’ve got Connecticut.

Wisconsin Badgers at Ohio State Buckeyes Almost every sport fan knows the story of earlier this year…. Wisconsin knocked off the then number one Buckeyes, at Madison…. This is a whole separate chapter, as OSU is again ranked number one, but the strengthened Buckeyes are hungrier, no way does Jared Sullinger let the Buckeyes down again!

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The typical title of “Three Things About Sports”, had taken a redundantly dull tone in my eyes, henceforth, the new title, Daily Dose of Sports, has been presumed!  Thank you to all of our viewers who have stayed with us over maintenance, especially Musicfan58. And to our new viwers, Daily Dose Of Sports is basically analysis on three, give or take an event, events that recently took place in the sport world, and often gives outlook on future events.

  1. Arenas' late three leads Magic to a 'W'

    Legit Magic! In our leading story, Orlando’s home town basketball team traveled by bus to Miami last night, using legitimate Magic to fuela win!  To me, it seems as if the Heat can not finish any game, seeing as they blew on to the Chicago Bulls last Thursday, this past Thursday they led, at one point, by 24, and ended up losing by three.  It was a moment for the books, propelled by a 40-9 Orlando run in the second half.

  2. Harrison Barnes is at it again. Wednesday, the 13th ranked Tar Heels beat host Florida State by two, in a stunning last second victory.  While it really was a seesaw back and forth game, North Carolina’s offense proved to much in the end, as freshman-phenom Harrison Barnes hit a game winning buzzer beater from deep three point territory with three seconds left on the clock!  Seminole fans were shocked, as they thought they were going to knock of both of the ACC super powers in one year, Duke University and UNC!  Like Barnes, John Henson would have no seven in the loss column, adding 19 points, and 12 rebounds.
  3. College Basketball Weekend Outlook Seeing as news was seldom across the sports world, and ESPN has been tainted with the NFL Lockout, I have decided to provide three games to watch for in the CBB atmosphere this coming duet of days.  Duke visits North Carolina, in what is definitely the most exciting match-up, Notre Dame meets Kemba Walker’s squad, and the Badgers face the number one Ohio State Buckeyes, a team they have already beaten once.  All in all, it should be a great sport week end!

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First off, I would like to apologize for taking the previous two days off, and appreciate those viewers who still stopped by to see if I did post anything.  I will have expanded coverage of the sports world this weekend seeing as I mised two straight days!  For those of you who do not remember, this is Four Things about sports, where the title is pretty self-explanatory!

  1. Why now, Jerry? Jerry Sloan, previously the longest active coaching coach, resigned recently.  I ask, why?  Twenty-two great seasons, and he just re-signed a one year extension Monday, the Jazz aren’t even having a bad season!  With a record of 31-23, only 3.5 games out of first place, I don’t understand why he would say, “my time is up”.  Regardless, I congratulate Sloan for the excellent career he put together, and I may put together an article breaking down his resignation. My Opinion: Coaches should not leave, unless having a horrendous season, in the middle of the year!  Espicially one of Jerry’s caliber!  Henceforth, one could understand why I feel that he should have at least finished off the season!
  2. Duke wins in comeback style! Being down by 14 at halftime usually assures a team a win, not for a visitor at Cameron Indoor!  Duke was down 14 to all-time rival North Carolina Wednesday night, albeit Coach K got Duke fired up at the half, and two minutes into the half, the Blue Devils only trailed by six.  After going back and forth for a while, the Dukies really took charge behind Nolan Smith and Seth Curry’s shooting ability.  Curry dropped 20+, around five assists, and eight rebounds.  Nolan Smith posted a career high with 34 points!  Overall, it was a heck of a game, or second half, for the Duke Blue Devils, and a HUGE win!
  3. Red Storm blow out Kemba Walker’s Huskies. Well Duke fans, no need to feel embarrassed. St John’s Red Storm blew out the number nine ranked UCONN Huskies last night, in a game that Kemba Walker only shot 4-16.  Can you say “bubble team”?  You should be able to, its synonymous for the St. Johns Red Storm! NOTE: Hardy has 33 points for St. John’s.
  4. Ray Allen breaks all-time three point mark. Last night the Lakers flew to Boston, where they did indeed beat the Celtics.  Ray Allen was one three pointer away from breaking Reggie Miller’s all time record.  Well, he hit that three and the crowd errupted in what was an emotional moment for the veteran. Wow, over 2,000 career three pointers, and couting, that is pure insanity! NOTE: Reggie Miller congratulated Allen at the game, seeing as he was in attendence.

“He’s a diaper dandy baby!” Is exactly what you can expect to hear, along with a ruckus Cameron Indoor crowd, if you tune in to ESPN at Nine O’clock eastern time tomorrow night, as the defending champion Duke, faces long time rival North Carolina.  NOTE:  North Carolina doesn’t even have a ten mile bus trip from their campus to Duke’s.

Will the absence of Kyrie Irving be enough to give North Carolina the W? At Chapel Hill… Yes… But as Cameron, certainly not!  The seldom boastful Blue Devils are actually improving as of late, and coping with the fact that their freshman point guard may not come back at all this year.  The home crowd advantage certainly gives Singler’s Blue Devils the upper hand.

Will the absence of Larry Drew hurt North Carolina?  In this match up, yes.  In the rest of the season?  I believe not.  Listen,  Larry drew played over twenty minutes a game, but his numbers weren’t too great (four points a game), and I believe that he’s not valuable to hurt the Tar Heels…  At least not in catastrophic fashion.

Singler and Smith are just too much baby!  The two “diaper dandies” are going to be mystical in primetime tomorrow!  The senior leadership is something that benefits Duke greatly obviously, and is something the Tar heels lack!

Why Duke will indeed win.  As previously stated above, Duke has the advantage in senior leadership and the game is at Cameron for them.  Albeit, Duke’s shooters (Dawkins, Curry, etc.) have came on for them as of late and particularly at home.  Duke’s amazing shooting is what will give them the huge edge.  Duke 88 UNC 71

Two years ago North Carolina won the National Championship in Detroit, and last year, the Duke Blue Devils won the title in Indianapolis.  Okay… so you want to say the ACC is weak?  The ACC is weak?  Boy, what are you talking about the ACC is weak… now that is just wrong.  Oh wait… You’re talking about the ACC this year….  Ah, now that changes this whole article, because the Atlantic Coastal Conference is not weak at all this year either!  Nor are the Tar Heels!

We all have to grown to expect too much consistency out of these schools and conferences that the moment the Big Ten emerges victorious in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, the assumption is made that the ACC is weak. There is two reasons for both subjects in this title, let’s start with the conference itself.

1. The records of each team. You tell me that a conference that’s top seven teams all are RPI top 75, and above .500 is weak? Just because a conference has a few questionable teams does not mean that conference is not a giant!  I can not say this enough, watch a conference game in this conference,  these teams beat each other up, not so much as the Big East, but they do!  We all know that seniors leave, and injuries suck, but come on…. Seriously.  This is a REBUILDING year for the conference and yet they still have seven above .500 teams!

2. Duke and North Carolina are in this conference still, right? This is just like all the other years for the ACC, whereas Duke and the Tar Heels run the table, with competition from really two other schools, that’s just how it is this year is it not?  Duke and Carolina are the top two conference teams, both facing troubles from Florida State and Maryland.

North Carolina isn’t weak…. anymore.

1. They are young, young teams take time to mesh together. Amongst many, I was sure that UNC was going to have a terrible season, and they started off pretty poorly, withfour quick losses, but I didn’t look into their roster enough.  They only have three seniors, none of which play that much… A team with many freshman and sophmores often starts slow, the Tarheels have picked up the pace now though,  winning four in a row!  You loose four starters after a championship, good luck in the next two seasons…

2. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Roy Williams still coaching? Remember, don’t be so quick to jump on a team, like I was!  Patience is key as a fan, especially when you’re team’s coach is as special as Roy Williams is at Chapel Hill.  This man has woven toge-ther multiple conference, and National Championship teams, so it doesn’t need to be said that he may be able to do the same this year!

The Big East is defiantly the Zeus of the conferences, albeit the ACC is also amongst the Big Three!