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Fans stood idol on either side of the basketball court, but of course the Charlotte fans behind the rim tried to rustle up as much noise as they could to try to distract Dwight Howard, there wasn’t a soul in that arena who was excited for the free throw, it was the second quarter, and just an average free throw.

Oh, how it was not.  Second year Charlotte guard, Gerald Henderson (a former Duke Blue Devil) stood with both hands in the air behind the free throw line, ticking off seconds in his hands, trying to get the referee’s to call a ten second free throw violation, a rule barely exercised, especially against a star like Howard.

The whistle blew after Henderson sardonically smiled with ten fingers in the air, glancing over at the ref, a question raised solely by his eyebrows, ten count?

The answer was yes, the whistle went off, average fans stood confused, heck, most people don’t even know that rule exists, but it does… As Dwight Howard walked backcourt, saying something inapropiate to one of the officials, again the whistle blew.  This time, a T was made with the ref’s hand. Technical Foul.  What’s worse?  It was Howard’s 18th, because of that he is now suspended for the game against Chicago on Sunday.

Gerald Henderson stood again.  This time near his baseline, in front of an enraged Quentin Richardson, who then shoved Henderson smack dead in the face.  His punishment?  Two game suspension.  Two key factors out for the Bulls verse Magic game.

Gerald Henderson’s words? Your welcome, Chicago. He didn’t quite say this, but he does indeed deserve a thank you from Chicago.

Not only did he prove that he had a stingy love of strategy, he proved that he could run the show in the NBA come later years.  I remember a Duke verse Maryland game where he did a reverse dunk, and got clobbered, but still made the basket.

He’s one of the most athletic players in the game, and watch any highlight real, his jump shot has improved miraculously since leaving Duke University.  You may ask, how did he prove it?  He put up 32 point and five rebounds against the Magic last night.

Speaking of Chicago, I thought of Derrick Rose.  My pick to win the MVP award this season, although Dwight Howard’s case against his is decent, Howard’s suspension swings the edge to Derrick Rose.

The Bulls play the Celtics in a very important 1 vs. 2 match-up.

Magic won that game last night, in overtime.