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The pitcher.  With no starting pitcher you have no start to a game, with no good pitcher, you have no good team, but who is the best pitcher?  Here at Jacob Sport’s we break down the Ruler’s of the Mound one by one.

King of the Mound.  What is, King of the Mound?  I will rank 50 top Starting pitchers, counting down a few at a time in each post… Disagree with me?  Agree with me?  I figured this would happen, so just comment in the comment section, with your opinions, let me know what you think!

Pitcher #50 Ervin Santana

Ervin Santana will see his stock take a large jump very soon.

Its hard not to show bias in this, but I tried not to.  Santana is an elite pitcher when his change up is under control, but that has slowly become a rare thing.  When he makes it out of the fifth inning, you know the team is going to win.  With a little work, Santana could move up this list in a heart beat.  Still though, with the line up and bull pen of the Angels, Santana will surely hit double digits in the win column, and more than likely exceed 115 strike outs.  The twenty eight year old has started off slow this season, yet to win a game, but the fact that he’s gotten out of the seventh inning twice, signals good things to come.

Pitcher #49 Daisuke Matsuzaka

"Dice-K" is alive...Again.

The shock does not come to a viewer because Dice-K is featured in the Top 50, but because he comes before Ervin Santana. But, why?  If anyone remembers Daisuke’s rookie debut season, he threw 15 wins.  Then the next season, he became the league’s best, going 18-3.. But minor injuries has plagued him since the beginning in 2007, and I finally believe that he’s back.  His fastball is again in the lower-middle nineties, and he seems to grow more confident with each and every pitch.  With an ERA over six, I seem crazy, but the more you look at his most recent outing (eight innings, with a zero ERA) the more it seems fitting that the Tokyo Native belongs on this list.  In almost every fantasy baseball league, Dice-K is a free agent, I’d wait to see how he fares in his next start before you pick him up.

Pitcher #47 Justin Masterson

Again, I promise you, I am not crazy, but my predictions are schizophrenic.  Masterson has seen velocity work his way this season, as the opposition is hitting a low 2.19 against him after four starts.  The Jamaican has sort of been a big deal ever since his arrival at San Diego State, and he’s finally proving to be a major difference maker in the MLB… A prime reason why the Indians, a team of “scrubs” by most critics, are currently boasting a comfy lead atop the AL Central Standings.  With an ERA under two, the twenty six year old will continue to keep his pitch count low, as he forces many routine ground balls early in the at bat… Albeit because of this, his “K” count is pretty low, currently at 16, though in a 6.1 inning outing against the Mariners, Masterson retired nine on strikes… This guy is certainly no joke.

Pitcher #46 Edwin Jackson

When/if Peavy returns, the White Sox will have the best rotation in the AL.

Give the guy credit, he threw a no hitter last year, against a healthy, all the while electrifying Rays line-up, which is one of the main reasons the White Sox signed him.  The White Sox batting order has been in a slump lately, and their bull-pen?  Well… Let’s put it nicely, they’ve been awful.  If it wasn’t for those two reasons, the 27 year old would be 4-0, instead of 2-1.  With an incredible command, Jackson is fifth in the AL with strike-outs, at 26.  He’s a guy who wastes too many pitches striking guys out, but he certainly can complete a game, but most importantly, Edwin Jackson is a guy who can do it against the best hitters, if the White Sox make the playoffs, you best believe that Jackson will carry that team through a few games.  Fantasy wise, Jackson deserves to be on a roster.

Stay tuned tomorrow, as in the morning pitchers 45-40 will be proclaimed, and then later on, 39-35 will be announced.


Lots of sports coverage coming your way these next three days, great way to start it off? Making some picks, and posting a short article about the Boston Red Sox.

All was well in Boston this off-season, in January the Celtics were atop the Eastern Conference standings, the Bruins had great goal-tending on their side, and the Red Sox were slated by many to go to the World Series, if not win it.

Only that was January, this is April.  The Boston Celtics still are going to make the playoffs as a high seed, probably as the second seed, possibly the third seed.  Only it is obvious that the Chicago Bulls are far superior to them, as they just were stomped on in a 97-81 loss to Chicago just last night.  Clearly Chicago is their certain superior.

Boston is currently 0-6, no team with that bad a start has ever gone onto a World Series, albeit I believe all will be well there eventually, that kind of start is just unacceptable for a program who goes out and spends over 100 million dollar’s on player salaries.

Their hitting is supposed to be their strong point, and as a whole, fewer teams have hit at a lower average than Boston.  Hey Terry, how’s Crawford doing for you?

Will either Boston team make it to a championship? Is Derrick Rose the MVP?


I’m taking the Phillies, over the Braves.

I’m taking the Brewers, over the Cubs.


Hi guys, a standings update will come this weekend, so please, be patient.

Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees I respect the Yankees, more like I “like” the Yankees, I like to root for them. Knowing that and that they lost in extra innings in a shocker last night, makes it no surprise that the Yankees are my pick in this one.

Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians I, as a Yankees rooter, can not stand the BoSox, and it pains me to admit this, but Daisuke Matsuzaka is my favorite pitched, and with him on the mound, I’ll be taking the winless Red Sox.

Astros at Reds Another favorite, Edison Volquez is on the mound, so Im taking the favorite Reds.  If you are a betting man, do not bet this game, take the Red Sox and Yankees, and the over in the Red Sox game.

This program is being canceled from Jacob’s Sports…..

April Fool’s!

So, shall i get started?

Will it be 28? The Yankees looked awfully good yesterday in their 6-3 win over Detroit, but the question remains, will they continue to win? They have the record for most consecutive Opening Day home wins, with 11!  That’s not too good, is it?  Anyways, Curtis Granderson made two great grabs in the outfield yesterday, and hit a game opening home run!  He was the player of the game in my eyes.

Real life Shark attack. Now that the playoffs are closing in on the NHL, every point counts, and usually games usually turn into low-scoring affairs, but in San Jose’s case, this was not true.  They dethroned Dallas winning 6-0, which must have pained Hawks fans because former Hawk Niemi had the shut out, and Ben Eager (former Chicago player) was the third star of the game… Great management Chicago!


Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians The White Sox are my suprise team this year, and I actually am going to do a few features on them here and there… They open up the season at Cleveland, with Buerhle on the mound.  Watch for Alexei Ramirez, as he will probably have another great season! White Sox win.

Other games to pick with no caption (winner of mine is in bold)

Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates The Cubs are the home team in this one, yes I did add a caption… I had an article up earlier about how the Cubs will have a decent season, but still fall short of any prize of which eyes have been set on.. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I am taking the Pirates.

Houston Rockets at Philadelphia Phillies

Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers


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  2. Jacob’s Sports (659 win percentage)
  3. Fielderisnotafielder (562 win percentage)
  4. John Wall (500 win percentage)
  5. History of Sports (500 win percentage)
  6. FunnyBunnyMoney (444 win percentage)

I’m back, and so is baseball! Which of the two is more exciting?  If you answered “Jacob coming back”, you have a problem!  Every single match-up will be previewed (some more than the others), and every game will be predicted a winner, join in the comment section! Tigers at New York Yankees How fitting is this one?  Two teams that will finish in the top half of their division, and have a great chance at winning it… The Yankees are going to be good this year, believe me, just not as good (rotation wise) as they have in previous seasons… This will make no difference at all in this game as CC Sabathia is pitching, against Justin Verlander.  Derek Jeter is my sleeper pick this season, as he will hit .300 with 24 home runs! Home town Yankees win this one, 4-3. (NOTE: Numbers are not necessary in picks)

Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals According to CBS Sports, Stephen Strasburg is not on the Washington depth chart, per se he is in the minor leagues right now… Soon, he will be brought up, and that’s when the Nationals will start to shine (I pick them to make the playoffs)!  Still though the Nationals’ pitching is decent, Livan Hernandez will get to the start this afternoon, against Derek Lowe.  The hitting for both teams is something fans have been questioning, and today, the nay-say’ers will get their answer.  Nationals win.

L.A. Angels at Kansas City Royals The loss of Zach Greinke hurts the Royals, but they have so much young talent, I have been trying to preach this for months!  In two years, they will be in the playoffs, and this year, they have a shot at it [the playoffs], only Luke Hochevar (starting today) is no stud, he still throws accurately… The Angels should have a great season, only I am not a fan of their infield, Vernon Wells is my sleeper! Angels win!

Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds In an earlier post, I had predicted these two teams to duel for the division’s top spot, henceforth I find it fitting that these two teams face off on opening day. Edison Volquez starts for the Reds today, I hate to admit it, but he is my favorite pitcher. This game should be high scoring, around 5-4, or so, the Brewers will win.

NOTE: The preview’s of the later games will come in a later post, stay tuned!



Poor, Poor Toronto

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Sports
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The Toronto Blue Jays should file a complaint to the head office of the MLB, saying “It is not fair, that every year, no matter how hard we try, these other AL East teams just kick our butts, even in the off season! Please remove us from this blood thirsty division!” Seriously… Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, and now, in what is my suprise team, the Orioles! This division just got way more interesting! In what is my first divisional breakdown of 2011!

WARNING! WARNING! Blood thirsty animals in next few paragraphs! WARNING!

Teams are listed in no specific order

New York Yankees logoThe New York Yankees: Two years ago, the Yankees won the World Series, their 27th title. Henceforth, every team always needs to look out for the Yankees, and writers can always believe it might be their year. I believe not. Unless they make some big move, frankly signing Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon is not enough in my eyes, I don’t think this team will be running the tables. With an infield, of Jeter, Cano, Rodriguez, and Big Tex, they are most definitely still a contender, albeit in this division, you need pitching. Do the Yankees have that pitching? Its too hard to tell, CC Sabathia will be great, AJ Burnett, they hope, will pitch in a bit more this year, Phil Hughes is my favorite young pitcher, he will, but Pettite retired, leaving the unproven Brackman and Nova in the four and five spots…. This is a team we will just need to wait… and see with .

Boston Red Sox logoThe Boston Red Sox: A team who really didn’t pick it up ’till late in the season, the Red Sox are my early pick to win this division. With pitching coming from Jon Lester, and four other guys who have been inconsistent the past few years…. they have as good as shot as any. Per Se, John Lackey had 14 wins last year, which is not bad at all, albeit if there is a week spot in their rotation its Lackey. Josh Beckett is now their number three guy, and believe me, he will be a 15 win plus pitcher this season, now that hes finally healthy I bet he returns to full form this year! Daisuke Matsuzaka! I will have a feature on him in the coming two weeks, because he will be the comeback player of the year this year, and with Buchholz as their five guy, the Red Sox should strike fear in the American League. With possibly the best outfield in the league, the signing of Carl Crawford solidifies the Sox chance of winning it all this year, Ellsbury should have a heck of a season, and JD Drew always suprises me with how much power he shows. If they stay healthy, the Red Sox will win it all.

Toronto Blue Jays logoThe Toronto Blue Jays: A team that went over .500 last year, has absolutely no shot at that this year. As I said, you need pitching in this division, and I don’t think Romero and the Blue Jays quite have that yet. Their winning-est pitcher on depth chart didn’t put up 15 wins last year, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can score enough runs or not. Aaron Hill may be the best second baseman in the league, but with nobody in their lineup hitting over .284, I just don’t see them outscoring the other team. However, they are younger than a few other teams in this division, so in a few years… who knows?

Tampa Bay Rays logoThe Tampa Bay Rays: They won the division last year on young talent, and now their depending on inconsistent veterans to win games for them…. This team is not going to be anywhere near as good as the Rays were the past two years. Their bullpen certainly does not look fearsome to me, but, Price and Shields do. It depends on how the other three picture in the rotation perform, if they perform well, this team may be as good as last year’s if not… then complete disaster! Longoria is great, and he’s still on this team, but the rest of their infield doesn’t pose a threat to any pitcher at all…. Will Ramirez and Damon perform well? That seems to be the huge question out in Tampa right now, and I don’t even know the answer… Im guessing they do OK, contrary, what do I know? Much like the Yankees, this is a team I am unsure about, heck, they traded Garza… to the Cubs!

Baltimore Orioles logoThe Baltimore Orioles: In what is my suprise team this year, I believe they have a outfield that is under par! Not an Oriole, an Eagle! These guys, Pie, Jones, and Markakis, hit for a outstanding average, as well as power, Markakis and Jones are amazing! Adam Jones, is a player I’m very high on, he only hit 19 home runs last year, albeit this guy can go deep, or just get a single, every single time he steps to the plate! Also looking good, is the corners of their infield, Derek Lee (acquired from the Cubs), and Mark Reynolds, are in the top ten at their position. If Lee stays healthy, the possibilities are endless for this team! A big signing, Duchscherer could really help out what is an unproven pitching staff. A second year player, Matt Wieters, is possibly the most promising catcher in baseball, already being compared to that of Yogi Berra, and he’s a player you must watch out for, he can go deep, and he hits for average! How bout them Orioles!?

To wrap up this segment, I guess I have to make some form of a prediction… so here goes nothing.

AL EAST Standings:

  1. Red Sox (95 Wins)
  2. Yankees (89 Wins)
  3. Orioles (88 Wins)
  4. Rays (83 Wins)
  5. Blue Jays (64 Wins)

I might change the prediction after the 25 man roster is officially formed, thanks for reading! Vote on the poll!