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That seems to be the theme this year.  Make the field, then take it from there.

First, the Packers had a triumphant week seventeen win against the Chicago Bears, their arch-rival.  The Bears could have finished them off right then and there, but they didn’t.  They then later faced the Packers in the playoffs, the Packers won that game.  The Packers didn’t stop at that point, oh no… They cruised all the way to the Lombardi Trophy.  Winning it all, as an underdog.

Then there’s the mischievous case of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams, a team many basketball scholars doubted, bashed, and criticized, highly acclaimed Dick Vitale said, “They don’t deserve to be in the bracket.”  The Rams had to win a game to make it into the legitimate 64 team field, they did indeed win the play-in game.  Like the Packers, they didn’t stop once they reached the play-offs, they kept going like the Energizer bunny.  The Rams made it all the way to the marvelous Final Four stage.

In more recent affairs, I picked Tiger Woods to win the 2011 Masters.  People told me I was crazy, people told me he wouldn’t make the cut… He not only made the cut, he survived all the way to the end, finishing with ten points under par…. While he didn’t win the tournament, he boasted that the Tiger of old was back… And in full out attack mode, Tiger Woods will be a huge competitor throughout this 2011 golf season.

And now we seemingly have a new element developing in the chastising plot of which haunts betters, the defending Stanley Cup champions are in the playoffs, as the last seed.  The Hawks could have secured a spot yesterday with at least a a point, but they lost 4-3 in regulation to rival Detroit.  Captain Toews, and his Chicago team thought their season was over…. But the Stars lost to the Wild, and now the Blackhawks are in the playoffs, with a good as a chance as any.

Yeah, I’m making the safe bet…. By not betting.


Three Things About Sports 2/15

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Sports
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Ah, so it returns, the daily segment that has a title explaining the whole article!

  1. People spit all the time, no big deal! I feel bad for the guy, every little thing he does is wrong. Tiger Woods.  I mean, I know its disrespectful to the golf course, but if Tiger Woods wants to spit than let him be.  Its just like rain, one little drop is not going to make any difference at all.  If you had not heard, the Tiger was seen spiting on the golf course during his most recent tournament… The media spiraled into a frenzy over it, albeit I deem it no big deal.
  2. Lakers drop second in a row. Well, we learned something about the Lakers, they have become the streakiest team in all of basketball! After winning four in a row, they drop a second straight game.  Are the Bobcats that good?  I mean, they just beat the Lakers by twenty points, I guess we will see just how good they are tonight as they match-up against Rose and the Bulls.
  3. STILL FEAR THE BEARD! Number one for less than twenty-four hours was Kansas, as in-state rival Kansas State beat them last night by about 15 points! Jacob Pullen showed why he still is an all-american, dropping 38 points in a fantastic effort!  This just goes to show you, no one wants to be number one at this time of year!  The others go out after you

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