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I broke down the other two regions in the previous posts, and here comes the second post!

Southeast Region: I called it, the upset over Pittsburgh, and now we have an eighth ranked team playing a four seed, Butler and Wisconsin… Frankly, I think Wisconsin is very overrated, even though they already beat Ohio State earlier this season, and I think Butler advances to the Elite Eight.  Jimmer’s Cougars will play a team that is also overrated, the Florida Gators… Yes, you can tell where this one is headed, Florida will loose, BYU advances to the regional finale.

Southwest Region: Other than Duke, there is no team I love to watch play, more than Virginia Commonwealth, this new found love just became as I saw them play live Friday and Sunday night, at the United Center… Its a great atmostphere, when the eleven seed wins three straight games, and is now in the Sweet Sixteen… They play an aggressive defense, and they rarely miss the many threes they take… Bye Purdue! Notre Dame was thwarted by Florida State, the team that VCU plays.. And in the top half of the region, Kansas should blow by Richmond, but many thought that about Northern Iowa.

NOTE: I will be taking a short leave of absence, the rest of the week, and when I come back, its baseball time!!!


As we near the conclusion to the month, I bring forth to you another recap of the sports world!

  1. Carmelo, Billups, and Amare all over 20 points in losing effort. You would think that if you had three players all over the twenty point mark, that maybe you would win the game…. If your not sold on those statistics, let me phrase it this way, if you are facing Cleveland, you would expect to win.  Ahh, the case this was not though, as the Knicks lost a close one at Cleveland last night!  The bright spot for New York: Billups and Carmelo Anthony meshed well with the rest of the team.
  2. Ferdette knocks of San Diego! The top two small conference teams faced off today, SDS and BYU, and Ferdette did his part (24 points nine dimes), to take over San Diego!  As good as the MWC is, BYU stands alone in competition, winning this one 80-67!  Ferdette for player of the year!
  3. Spring training is in full go! Baseball junkies all over the country awaited this moment since October, it has finally arrived!  The first official Spring Training game was last night, albeit there was a handful of action going on across the MLB today! Phillies beat the Yankees 5-4, and the Angels beat the Dodgers 4-1 amongst other action!

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