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I am not doing four things about sports today, per say this is exactly what is replacing it! I was outraged at the “Best New Artist” award as well as the “Album Of The Year” and “Record of the Year” awards, I have never, ever, felt this strong about a music related topic before in my life! This post in my view is a must read!

  1. Justin Bieber, Drake, nominated for best new artist, and get dethroned! I would love it for you guys to comment on this and explain to me how both of these two artists got snubbed! It makes no sense at all, if you look up the word “nonsense” in the thesaurus, I bet you that it will read “see 53rd Gammy Awards!”. Kanye’s song puts it best ” I mean this stuff if freakin ridiculous!” The song has no relation to the Grammy Awards, albeit it should! Speaking of Kanye, I wish so badly that he would’ve interrupted Esperanza Spalding and/or Arcade Fire…. The only words I can muscle up are “at least Eminem performed” Kanye tweeted it best “D@*n… I can’t find the words to explain how I feel about the best new artist award… Don’t wanna say the wrong thing”
  2. Eminem Rips Up Stage! Joined along side by Rihanna, Dr. Dre, and Skylar Grey, Eminem had the best performance of his life, in what I like to call “the whole reason I watched the Grammy awards!” I was so happy that he performed to perfection, you could see his veins popping out of his face like the seems on a baseball. Unlike many stars, Eminem never lip sings,henceforth I pray that he goes on a nation-wide tour! Please Marshall! Dear Eminem, you deserved all ten awards you were nominated for! As a writer, bias is supposed to not show, albeit its a strong opinion of mine that he is the king of music.
  3. The biggest hoax of all time, Arcade Fire wins album of the year! If I have to use a thousand words to convince my readers that they did not deserve album of the year, then I will. Eminem, Katy Perry, or even Lady Gaga deserved this award. I feel like writing the Academy who decides these awards and giving them a piece of my opinion! No matter how redundant it gets, because the enigma of how they won has perplexed me ever since they opened the envelope! Eminem had the number one selling album of the year, and I am more than sure Arcade Fire was not even top ten. Not that the numbers are a factor, but they should have some force! When deciding the seeds for College Basketball on Selection Sunday, its a number game! Not a “well these folks have never won before”! You don’t give Southeast Missouri State a number one seed because it would change the flow of things! Why give Arcade Fire the Grammy! Ahhhh, its just insanity, how someone could be so discluded from society as to where they think Arcade Fire>Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga! Man, they really got this one wrong! Eminem, I know the chances of you reading this are more minuscule than that of winning fourteen straight NBA Championships, but if you are, please know that the public’s overwhelming opinion is that you deserved a handful of awards last night!

    Eminem should cross arms as he gets snubbed at Grammy Awards!

I apologize for the unkind bashing, contrary that is just what I believe you deserve. NOTE: I also believe that a few songs deserved song of the year more than Need You Now did.


In this post, I will only pick winners, and not give explanations! These are so hard to pick because all the songs are soooo good! For an extended preview of the ALBUM OF THE YEAR, I will refrain you to here:

  1. Record Of The Year: Love The Way You Lie, Eminem and Rihanna
  2. Album Of The Year: Recovery, Eminem
  3. Song Of The Year: Forget You, Cee Lo Green
  4. Best New Artist: Justin Bieber
  5. Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: Katy Perry
  6. Best Male Pop Vocal Performance: Bruno Mars
  7. Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals: Glee Cast
  8. Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals: California Girls, Katy Perry
  9. Best Pop Instrumental Performance: Jeff Beck
  10. Best Pop Instrumental Album: Kenny G
  11. Best Pop Vocal Album: Katy Perry
  12. Best Dance Recording: Rihanna
  13. Best Dance Album: La Roux
  14. Best Rap Album: Eminem
  15. Best Rap Song: Eminem
  16. Best Country Duet Performance: Lady Antebellum
  17. Best Music Video: Love The Way You Lie
  18. Best Country Song: Need You Now
  19. Best Rap/Sung Col-lab: Empire State Of Mind/Love The Way You Lie
  20. Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group: My Chick Bad/Shutterbug
  21. Best Rap Solo Performance: Not Afraid

NOTE: There are about ninety other awards being given out, these are just a few I chose to pick!