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With conference tournaments on every other channel today, I figure I have to keep some good programming up on my blog!

Yes, Kemba will be dougie-ing all the way to Texas.

Kemba Walker is just too much to handle. ESPN made me flashback to when UCONN and Syracuse last met in the Big East playoffs, which ended with the Orange men on top, after six overtimes!  However, Kemba Walker and the Huskies only needed five extra minutes to get revenge, beating eleventh ranked Syracuse, 76-71… Of course, Kemba Walker was the hero with 33 points of his own.

Even with win over UCONN, Kemba Walker is not the best player. Maybe he is the best player in the nation, albeit someone had a much bigger game in the college basketball world, by the name of Jimmer Ferdette… With a record school high 52 points!  30 of those came in the first half!  He might just clinch a BYU scoring title of all-time, as they play in the MVC Championship today against San Diego State!

To Duke fans, Kyrie's return would seem like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Kyrie Irving? Kyrie Irving? Duke fans you will be shocked!! As you may have saw last night, my predictions are usually pretty dang close, per se, I picked Colorado to BEAT Kansas last night, even though they lost by seven… I picked UCONN to winn, and they won… And now my biggest pick will not be coming in the upcoming Picks article… Whereas I will state it here explicitly, Kyrie Irving will play again in a Duke uniform against North Carolina.  Now, I know that no one is looking to deep into his practicing with the team yesterday, but with Nolan Smith only questionable for this weekend, is it possible Irving will dress?  I just have a feeling that tomorrow Duke will play UNC, and Kyrie Irving, will play… Duke beat Maryland last night by about 15 points, and Kyle Singler had 29 points…. Albeit, Nolan Smith went down with injury to his toe late in the game… His return is questionable.

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As we near the conclusion to the month, I bring forth to you another recap of the sports world!

  1. Carmelo, Billups, and Amare all over 20 points in losing effort. You would think that if you had three players all over the twenty point mark, that maybe you would win the game…. If your not sold on those statistics, let me phrase it this way, if you are facing Cleveland, you would expect to win.  Ahh, the case this was not though, as the Knicks lost a close one at Cleveland last night!  The bright spot for New York: Billups and Carmelo Anthony meshed well with the rest of the team.
  2. Ferdette knocks of San Diego! The top two small conference teams faced off today, SDS and BYU, and Ferdette did his part (24 points nine dimes), to take over San Diego!  As good as the MWC is, BYU stands alone in competition, winning this one 80-67!  Ferdette for player of the year!
  3. Spring training is in full go! Baseball junkies all over the country awaited this moment since October, it has finally arrived!  The first official Spring Training game was last night, albeit there was a handful of action going on across the MLB today! Phillies beat the Yankees 5-4, and the Angels beat the Dodgers 4-1 amongst other action!

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Bracketology, its not even in the dictionary, but its a word almost all college basketball fans know about.  Its where a writer predicts the NCAA March Madness field, today I won’t go as far as to predict the whole field, but the top eight seeds.

Overall number one seed: Ohio State Buckeyes.  How can you not give it to the undefeated Buckeyes, home of the top freshman, maybe top player, in the country!  Good times in Ohio!  I gotta hand it to them though, one year its Greg Oden, then its Evan Turner, now its Jared Sullivan, the recruits keep comin!

Second Number One Seed: Kansas Jayhawks. The one loss Jayhawks are looking as the favorite to win the Big 12, with great guard play, I expect to see Kansas in Houston!  Heck, who would have thought that a Aldrich and Collins-less Jayhawks would be a one loss team this late in the year?

Third Number One Seed: Duke Blue Devils. This to me, poses the one seed that I have high doubts in, Duke looked bad against St. Johns, and unless they start picking up the slack, this prediction will turn widely inaccurate… But then again,  Coach K always has something up his sleeve.

Fourth Number One Seed: San Diego State. The reason I think the only loss Aztecs will pull off a undefeated rest of the season is simply due to their defense.  SDS is eleventh in the country in points allowed per game, and we all know that any team with a defense can win games.

First Number Two Seed: Pittsburgh Panthers. They only have one loss as of now, but the Panthers are in the toughest conference in the world, where anyone can, and will beat anyone on any night.  They have numerous tough games left, so don’t be surprised if they lose two or three more.

Second Number Two Seed: UCONN Huskies: As the second Big East team in this segment, UCONN is probably not getting a one seed this year, albeit I believe Kemba Walker can carry this team all the way to the Final Four, and beyond!

Third Number Two Seed: Brigham Young Cougars. Beware of Ferdette!  The best player in the country always seems to find a way to take his team deep into March, and the Cougars have a good as chance as any!  As long as they can win out, I believe they’ll get a two spot.

Final Number Two Seed: The Orange Men: The Syracuse Orange have a very tough Big East schedule, but if they win out in the regular season, which they probably will,  Kris Joseph and the Orange Men will be the second great team that ‘Cuse has showed us in consecutive seasons…. Too bad Wesley Johnson is no longer on the roster.

There you have it, stay tuned for further updates…. Watch out for the Big East!