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Lots of sports coverage coming your way these next three days, great way to start it off? Making some picks, and posting a short article about the Boston Red Sox.

All was well in Boston this off-season, in January the Celtics were atop the Eastern Conference standings, the Bruins had great goal-tending on their side, and the Red Sox were slated by many to go to the World Series, if not win it.

Only that was January, this is April.  The Boston Celtics still are going to make the playoffs as a high seed, probably as the second seed, possibly the third seed.  Only it is obvious that the Chicago Bulls are far superior to them, as they just were stomped on in a 97-81 loss to Chicago just last night.  Clearly Chicago is their certain superior.

Boston is currently 0-6, no team with that bad a start has ever gone onto a World Series, albeit I believe all will be well there eventually, that kind of start is just unacceptable for a program who goes out and spends over 100 million dollar’s on player salaries.

Their hitting is supposed to be their strong point, and as a whole, fewer teams have hit at a lower average than Boston.  Hey Terry, how’s Crawford doing for you?

Will either Boston team make it to a championship? Is Derrick Rose the MVP?


I’m taking the Phillies, over the Braves.

I’m taking the Brewers, over the Cubs.



Welcome, to Jacob’s Sports for what, I believe, is almost been a month of 31 (what you get when you add 24 and 7) sports coverage.  Two recent sport events will be broken down in this post, and FOUR games will be predicted, join along!

Jeff Green's a versatile player who's expected to play a crucial role in the Celtics' 2011 championship run. (Getty Images)

Courtesy of CBS

I was reluctant to call it a bad trade, because it was a good one. Boston faced criticism everywhere after trading away an injured Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder, honestly though, Jeff Green is a stud, and he proved that last night, scoring 21 off the bench in the Celtics four point win of the Warrior’s. Could this trade be the key to an NBA Title, or is this just a pretty darned close fake key?  Boston is 4-0 since the trade, albeit one can not consider that a real telling point, seeing as Kendrick Perkins would not have played in any of those four games anyways.  Nenad Kristic is really a small factor, but he is a good foot and a half taller than Nate Robinson.

Haters, here is something worth smiling about! Now, as a blogger, its not like I am just some emotionless automaton from the late 18th century, I know who hates who, and I know plenty of people will jump for joy when they hear that the Miami Heat lost, once again.  This time though, there was no late comeback staged, nothing was close at all, the Heat lost to the 51-11 Spurs, by thirty points.  There is nothing funny about it, no excuses, the Spurs had 125 points, and no individual had more than 20!  Time after time again, the Heat get extinguished! The Bulls won last night, tieing the Heat for the number two seed in the East.


Duke Blue Devils at North Carolina Tar Heels Duke won the first match-up, after trailing by 14 points at the half, but if Duke gets down early in this one, coming back will be much more difficult then the previous affair.  Honestly though, Kyrie Irving would have guaranteed Duke a win today, albeit he is hurt, and probably is not playing again today.  Well, I still think Duke is the better team, but if their shooters get cold, they have little to no chance of winning.  Still, I pick Duke.

Chicago Blackhawks at Toronto Maple Leafs Briefly in this post, I mentioned that the Chicago Bulls are red hot, owning rights to second place in the Eastern Conference, likewise, the other United Center-based team is also peaking at the right time, winning six in a row.  The Captain Toews has recorded five goals in the past three games, henceforth, picking the Blackhawks should be little suprise.

Notre Dame at UCONN Number eight in the country meets number sixteen, ND at UCONN, it should be a great match-up, two premier guards from the Big East going at it…. Albeit, Kemba Walker will prove to clutch for the streaking Irish, I’ve got Connecticut.

Wisconsin Badgers at Ohio State Buckeyes Almost every sport fan knows the story of earlier this year…. Wisconsin knocked off the then number one Buckeyes, at Madison…. This is a whole separate chapter, as OSU is again ranked number one, but the strengthened Buckeyes are hungrier, no way does Jared Sullinger let the Buckeyes down again!

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Three recapped events from the sports world!

  1. Down goes Duke! Duke traveled out to Virgina Tech University last night, with the number one ranking in every single poll….. They headed out with a look of distaste mixed with anger. VA Tech won 64-60, behind Jeff Allen.  Kyle Singler had a double-double for the Blue Devils, but it was to no prevail, as Nolan Smith finished with ONLY two assists!  Guess Duke will go in hungrier than normal to Chapel Hill next week!
  2. Clippers stay close, even without Eric Gordon. Blake Griffin stepped his game up (is it not high up enough???) last night as  guard Eric Gordon sat out with injury, Randy Foye chipped in 32 of his own, but the Celtics were just too much for the Clippers, as they won 99-92.
  3. Edwards sets record, takes poll. Last year Carl Edwards took the dessert by storm in Phoenix, taking the poll!  Again this year, he takes the poll, in record time!  It seems the warm weather becomes Edwards, maybe he should play a sport that actually has athleticism involved!

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Hey guys, I apologize for my absence, as post will be spontaneous in the coming weeks!  Though, I promise to be in full go at the start of April, giving you all the baseball coverage a fan could ever want!

Anyways, the title is self-explanatory!

  1. Boston goes Banana’s. Kendrick Perkins has been a huge part of the championship team there, albeit his work goes virtually unnoticed by fans.  Apparently the Thunder were aware of his talent, as the traded away 15 point a game player, Jeff Green, to the Celtics for Perkins and Nate Robinson.  Okay, I am a bit baffled.  Why in the world would you trade away your starting center, while your big-men trio is amiss a slew of injuries?  It seems that at least one of their big men is ALWAYS injured.  As I have expressed my disgust already, I do not intend on pursuing anymore bashing, as nothing has happened yet, who knows, maybe this trade actually helps Boston!
  2. Denver Post

    Package deals have always been the best. While I was not the least bit surprised that Carmelo was sent to the Knicks the other day, I was indeed surprised that they also sent veteran point guard Chauncey Billups with him as well! You know what they say, “Thank goodness for flat rate boxes from the post office!”  While the Nuggets did get Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, and a few others, the Knicks benefitted the most.  Think about it, Chauncey Billups, Amare, and Carmelo.

  3. Trades, trades, trades. In this concluding paragraph, I will foretell the future of another trade recently made. Surprise! The Nets sent Devin Harris, amongst others, to Utah for Deron Williams.  Numerous bloggers have argued that the Jazz benefit the most out of this, albeit no, not at all.  Well, Harris may just help out a bit more for the conclusion of this season, but Williams numbers are just so outstanding, as well as his leadership!

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