NEVER, Ever, Say Obama Has Not Done Anything!

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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First off, this may be a very short post, relating to politics.  I know, I know, I usually blog about POP Culture, but this is a necessary thing to put out in the open!

Listen up, I have heard everybody from rappers to news anchors say “OBAMA IS NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE UP THERE!”  In my opinion, its the Republicans that aren’t getting anything “DONE UP THERE” because Obama drafts a bill and they decline it, ridiculous!

The guy drafted up the whole health care bill, rid the nation of “The Do Not Ask, Do Not Tell Policy” amongst other tasks.  The only wrong thing he’s done is pick North Carolina to beat Duke, really, like that is going to happen!  Anyways, where my opinion goes crazy is when he makes a bill, and it doesn’t pass throught the Senate.  NOT because it was a bad bill, but because the Re-pub’s did not read it (I bet).  Per say, Eminem would write a rap, and show someone it, the person would say it was terrible before they even looked at the first word. Why?  Because Eminem is WHITE.  They decline his bill because he is Democratic!

Now, many of you may say this is not true, albeit I believe it is, lets all call ourselves “Americans” instead of “Democrats and Republicans”!  I quote, “A house divided will not stand!”  A very wise man said this, a very wise man indeed.

  1. DetoxGonnaDrop! says:

    Woah, only writer I know that tackles music, sports, and politicians, nice stuff bro.

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